Natural Remedy for Sweaty Palms


Sweaty palms, also known as hyperhidrosis, are usually accompanied by excessive sweating elsewhere in the body. When you have an important job interview or date or are just with friends, your sweaty palms can cause you embarrassment and shame. Don’t allow sweaty palms to disrupt another important meeting or social situation for you. Find ways to combat them using things you likely already have around your home as well as stress management tactics to keep your hyperhidrosis in check.

Step 1

Douse a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and swab the entire surface of your hands. R. Kenneth Landow, M.D., clinical associate professor in the Department of Medicine and Dermatology at the University of Southern California, suggests that rubbing alcohol can dry up excessive sweat for a few hours, but to not use rubbing alcohol excessively, as it could cause dry skin. Swab it on before you have an important date and you should stay dry for the rest of the night.

Step 2

Apply antiperspirant. Roll some antiperspirant on your hands each night, suggests the Mayo Clinic. Applying it at night gives the antiperspirant time to soak into the skin to help protect your hands throughout the next day. For excessive sweating, choose a clinical strength antiperspirant in a solid or liquid form, avoiding aerosol sprays, which may not be as effective. The International Hyperhidrosis Society suggests finding an antiperspirant that has a 30 percent aluminum chloride hexahydrate concentration for the hands.

Step 3

Carry a small packet of cornstarch. Take it with you when attending functions that make your hands sweat. A small plastic bag with a tablespoon of cornstarch can help keep you dry. Just slip into the bathroom and dust your hands quickly with enough cornstarch to sop up excess moisture without leaving your hands powdery. Landow admits that it won’t eliminate the sweating, but it will prep you so that your hands feel drier when shaking or holding someone else’s hands.

Step 4

Stay calm. Learn how to manage your stress levels and identify triggers that cause your hands to sweat. Sweaty palms are likely the result of a stressful situation that makes your body temperature rise and causes you to sweat not only from your hands. If you feel yourself starting to sweat, walk away, get some fresh air and regroup to help get rid of the sweaty palms. Engage in stress-relief tactics like breathing exercises and affirmations to help you get over the anxiety causing your sweaty palms, suggests Norman Levine, M.D., chief of dermatology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Health Sciences Center.