Natural Skin Treatments for the most Beautiful Skin

Our skin is our largest organ, our face and its appearance one of our most priceless possessions.  We have all tried out make-up removers, followed by facial toners and moisturizers.  Unfortunately, those products, even if claimed natural, do contain chemicals.  Every chemical that our skin absorbs is considered a toxin, even if just a mild one.

Effective skin beauty treatments don’t have to be expensive and they definitely don’t have to be usual.  Our grandmothers already had absolutely beautiful skin without the beauty products that re available to us today.

The number one ingredient to beautiful skin is nutrition.  Alcohol, sugar, caffeine and too much meat will definitely affect the beauty of our skin.  The intake of at least 2.5 liters of water per day is essential.  Our skin can be compared to a flower.  If the flower doesn’t get enough water, it will suffer from dehydration.

Now, that you know the basics on how to gain beautiful skin from the inside out, I will share with you some recipes that will naturally beautify your skin.

Detoxify your skin and supply it with moisture once a month.  We often speak of detoxifying the body.  This is often done by complimenting a body cleanse with sauna treatments as well.  The same is true for the face.  But without having to step inside a sauna, we can offer our skin the same benefit by doing a facial steam treatment with chamomile.   The steam will open the pores and allow toxins to be sweated out.  In addition, chamomile will soften your skin.  Your steam treatment should last about 15-20 minutes.  Follow up by cooling the face with a cold wash cloth.  The cold water will then close the pores again.  Dry off gently.  Now it is time to return moisture to the face by covering it with thinly sliced cucumber.   Leave those on for about 15 minutes.  You may even put them on your eyes as long as you keep your eyes closed.  Cucumber is another natural miracle ingredient your skin can only benefit from.

The best skin moisturizer is a combination of avocado oil and aloe vera gel.   Avocado oil will naturally decrease the appearance of wrinkles while aloe vera gel will offer an abundance of moisture.  Add a few drops of avocado oil onto the palm of your hand and mix it well with some aloe vera gel.  Apply it evenly onto your face.  Since avocado oil is quite difficult to make yourself, I have found one company who offers an avocado oil and aloe vera gel with absolutely no chemicals added.  They are both from the product line St. Barth and are available at selected stores and spas, a must have for beautiful skin.

Another amazing recipe for beautiful skin is this natural body soap, which can also be used to remove make up.  Most women, who have used this recipe, rave about it.  You will need one table spoon of honey, a handful of grounded almonds and one teaspoon of lemon juice.  Mix all ingredients applying it onto your face with small circular movements.  Wash off with water. 

If you want to treat you face to a wrinkle-treatment mask, mix the pulp of half of a very ripe avocado with one egg and a tablespoon of honey.  Leave it on your face for 20 minutes.  Wash off with much diluted lemon water.

Are you ready to go out with your friends and your face looks a bit dull?  Try this moisturizing treatment before applying your make up.  Take naturally plain yoghurt, applying it on your face.  It will not only cool your face but also supply it with enzymes that will revive your skin.  This is a great rejuvenator.  Wash off with water.