Natural Treatments for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be hard to treat, with the harsh chemicals and many products one uses on their faces can actually do more harm than good. Taking a completely natural skin care approach will help you decide what goes into your skin and enable you to create blends that are suited to your skin type that you can adjust as needed. Take care of your dry skin by cleansing, toning, moisturising and exfoliating once a week.

On a daily basis, always make sure to cleanse your skin day and night. You can use a homemade cleanser for dry skin made up of whole milk, lemon and a honey till it forms a fairly thick consistency.  Wash your face with this mixture and rinse thoroughly after, the ingredients will add moisture to your skin while also caring for it.

Using a natural homemade toner for your skin will help balance your skins pH, by reducing dryness. One should use a toner after washing their face. Use rose water, a few drops of rosemary essential rose and geranium oil. This will hydrate and tone your skin. Since the mixture does not contain any preservatives, keep it in the fridge in order for it to last longer, this will also create a cooling refreshing effect on the skin.

Using oil as a moisturiser may seem like an unnatural idea; however using oils are much better than using moisturisers. Moisturisers contain many harsh chemicals which are not great for the skin, using an oil will allow your skin to reap the benefits of natural items. Use oils such as grape seed oil or sweet almond oil which is very light and penetrating. In addition it doesn’t smell. You can use olive oil in the night which is a great treatment for your skin.

Another natural skin care treatment is to use a homemade exfoliant for your skin; this will allow the oil to penetrate the skin deeply as the exfoliant will remove the build up of dead skin cells and brighten the skin. As it exfoliates the skin, the oil will be able to work more. Use an exfoliant that is hydrating, such as a mix of sugar and honey or oatmeal and honey to make a paste and in circular motions exfoliate your skin. The sugar will slough of any dead skin cells as it contains glycolic acid and also because of the texture of the sugar.