Neck Lifting Exercises

The skin under the neck becomes loose and sagging for a number of reason. According to the Cleveland Clinic, neck aging is usually a combination of loose muscles and skin and excessive fat accumulation. After dieting, the skin that was stretched to hold the fat becomes even looser. A cosmetic procedure called a neck lift is the only sure way to remove the excess hanging skin, but exercises to build the underlying muscles can help to hold up the remaining skin and reduce the appearance of a “turkey neck.”

Pressure Exercise

Flabbiness under the chin is responsible for loose-hanging skin. To work the muscles under the chin and lift the skin, raise your head slightly and place the tips of your index and middle fingers just above the nodules in the neck at the fold between your neck and chin. Press hard enough to place some resistance on the muscles. At the same time, close your mouth and press your back teeth together firmly. Move your tongue to the front of your mouth and press it against your upper teeth. Increase the pressure gradually with your tongue as you count to 10 and feel the muscles in your neck tighten. Hold for a count of six and slowly release. Repeat four more times.

Jowl Lifter

There are a number of muscles that work to keep the face and neck upright and toned. You need to work all of them to see total results in the sagging skin under your neck. To work the sides of the neck, try the jowl lifter. Start by placing your three middle fingers just above your jaw line on the right side of your face. Push up slightly as you raise your lower lip over your upper lip. Twist your lower lip as far right as you can while pushing up. You should feel the muscles just under your chin work. Hold for a count of five and repeat four times. Then move fingers to the left side and repeat the process.

Seated Towel Neck Resistance

There are a number of ways you can provide resistance to your neck muscles. A hand towel works well for most exercises. Fold the towel lengthwise and place it behind your head. Sit with your knees spread to hold your balance so you can concentrate on the neck exercise. Grab each end of the towel with your hands and lower your head. While pulling on the ends of the towel, raise your head, feeling the resistance throughout the front of your neck. Hold for a count of five and release. Repeat at least five times.

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