Nutrition for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts from the inside out and is a reflection of the nutrients you receive or lack in your diet. You can get shiny, strong and healthy hair by having adequate amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet. These nutrients will ensure a healthy scalp for healthy hair growth. Making some changes in your diet can have an impact on the health of your hair. Choose healthy foods instead of fast foods, drink more water instead of soda, choose fruits instead of sugary snacks and consume less coffee.  

The basic structure of your hair is keratin, which is protein; it also contains oils and water. Your hair grows through follicles in your scalp that are nourished by blood vessels. Adequate protein in your diet ensures hair to grow at a healthy rate, and make it strong and shiny. Make sure that your protein sources are a complete protein, containing all of the amino acids. Some protein sources do not contain all of the amino acids necessary for healthy hair. Meat, dairy products and fish contain all of the amino acids. Combinations of certain foods make up a complete protein such as the combination of rice and beans.

Foods That Contain Protein

Dairy products such as eggs, milk and cheese are a good source of protein. Yogurt, cottage cheese and cream cheese are also dairy products which are a complete protein. Meat is a complete protein containing all of the amino acids. When choosing meats, try to choose chicken or fish instead of red meats Other healthy and tasty meats are lamb, goat and oxtail.

Soy products are full of protein and is available in a wide variety of products Tofu, soy milk and soy yogurt are some excellent forms of soy products that are a good source of protein. Soy meats contain protein and is a healthy alternative to animal products. Legumes such as chick peas, red beans, navy beans, split peas, lentils are protein sources that can be added to many dishes.  Legumes by itself do not have all the amino acids to form a complete protein. When it is combined with rice it has all the amino acids equal to or better than meat.

Healthy Oils

Healthy hair needs a diet that contains healthy fats. Healthy fats can be found in nuts, peanuts, cashews and other nuts. Adding olive, coconut and wheat germ oil to your diet will give it a healthy shine.

Wheat Germ Promotes Hair Growth

Wheat Germ is excellent for hair growth, it is packed with vitamin E, the B-complex vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Wheat Germ is available in toasted and raw form. Sprinkle it on cereal, fruit or soup to give your hair a healthy boost.

Brewer’s Yeast 

Brewers Yeast is another source that promotes healthy hair. This can also be sprinkled over food.  Brewers yeast contains all of the B-vitamins which are essential for healthy shiny hair. It is  also high in the vitamin biotin,minerals, selenium, copper and zinc, which contribute to healthy hair.


Lecithin is high in choline and inositol  which is part of the B-Complex vitamins and helps to promote healthy hair growth in addition to making it shiny and strong.  Lecithin is also beneficial for your heart by helping to reduce bad cholesterol and it aids in preventing arteriosclerosis.


Drinking water improves the health of your hair.  One fourth the weight of a strand of hair is water.  When you drink water you are flushing away toxins and impurities which can affect the health of your hair.  Drinking water ensures your hair softness, sheen and growth.