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Often, we try to treat a cosmetic or an appearance problem without ever understanding what has caused it. Identifying the right reason for the condition is essential for the selection of the best solution.

Oily hair is a problem that many people suffer from and try to deal with. The reasons that cause oily hair are numerous.

The problem results from the excessive secretion of sebum. The oil glands work faster than they should. Even if the hair is washed on a daily basis, the problem will continue aggravating. Once the sebum is removed, oil glands start compensating for the loss and working at even higher speed.

This article lists the main causes of oily hair.

Many people experience oily hair during pregnancy or puberty, when the regular levels of hormones are seriously changed. Even changes that occur during the female menstrual cycle can lead to oily or respectively – to dry hair.

Hormones regulate most of the function of the human body. The same applies to the functioning of the oil glands.

Male hormones (androgens) are usually the ones that stimulate oil glands to secrete. Excessive quantities of male hormones can lead to oily hair.

If you think that the food you eat has no influence over the appearance of your hair, think again.

Nutrition is very important for hair health. A diet that is rich in vitamins and useful nutrients will provide hair with the substances that it needs to be strong and healthy. Hair is made of proteins, thus it can obtain its building blocks from the food we consume.

Excessive consumption of oily foods, fried meals, sugars and fast food can cause oily skin and oily hair. You need to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in order to counter the harmful effects of junk food.

Many people fail understanding how daily stress affects hair health. Excessive stress can result in hair fall and oily hair.

Too much pressure, worry, anxiety and negative sentiments can affect health seriously. Each part of the human body responds to stress in different ways. Hair usually grows weak, dandruff can appear and the activity of oil glands will intensify.

If you want shiny and healthy hair, you must stop worrying. Try to take it easy. Relax and take a walk in the park after work. These practices are good for both your health and your appearance.

External influences can cause oily hair. Urban pollution and the activity of wind, sun and cold can damage hair and affect its health.

If you combine external pollution with improper hair care, you will eventually aggravate the problem. The selection of inappropriate shampoos, masks, conditioners and styling products can also result in oily hair.

Some medical conditions can also cause oily hair. If you want to be certain about the reason, it will be wisest to visit your doctor.

Digestive and metabolism problems can easily result in oily hair. The same applies to the lack of vitamins A, D, E and F. Nervous depressions can lead to oily hair, as well.

Consult a dermatologist instead of deciding on a self-treatment. A professional will know why your oil glands work faster than usual. Once the reason is known, your doctor will be able to appoint the right treatment.