Organic Bloom Gentle Cleansing Milk

Organic Bloom Gentle Cleansing Milk

My facial skin is quite delicate and I’ve suffered from many other conditions like eczema and rosacea for years. I’ve been reluctant to visit any dermatologist as many of the products recommended, often contain steroids that thin the skin after long-term usage. I also prefer to avoid pills unless they contain vitamins or nutrients that would benefit my health. Therefore, I use facial products and rely on nutritional intake to control my skin issues.

As a teenager and in my early twenties, I discovered that harsh ingredients would often irritate my skin and cause it to swell or flake even further! Many drugstore and even high-end facial products like cleansing gels and masks would also lose efficacy after time and often, become useless a few months later. After years of splurging thousands on products that failed to deliver their claims, I found myself broke. This eventually led to my search for skincare items that would be gentle on both my face and wallet.

Having learnt about organic products, I spent quite a few months reading about skincare products and discovered “Organic Bloom Gentle Cleansing Milk” by Skin Blossom for all skin types. When I first purchased it about a month ago, I was a little skeptical of its claims as the brand was rather unknown and I couldn’t even obtain any concrete reviews about this item online. However, I decided to try this item, as the pricing was quite comparable to many drugstore products.

On my first use, I found that the milk was very gentle to my skin and great at removing the dirt and oil. It was light and so it didn’t irritate my pores. It also didn’t cause any breakouts, swelling, redness, itchiness or even flaking on my face. Best of all, I only needed to use a little at a time which minimized wastage. At the moment, I double-cleanse with this milk and slap it into my face and neck as poor massaging techniques can lead to sagging and stretched skin.

While studying the ingredients list, I was surprised to find essential oils like Ylang Ylang(Pelarnoium Graveolens) and Rose Geranium(Canaga Odorata) which are often found in much more expensive organic products. Benefits of Ylang Ylang include enhancing cell production, regulating facial oil and soothing your skin. Benefits of Rose Geranium include improving skin healing, smoothing your skin and even offering protection from wrinkles.

Skin Blossom tends to list the percentage of organic ingredients in all their products and in this Cleansing Milk, the amount of organic ingredients is listed as 88%. I find that far more ethical as opposed to wild claims that a product’s ingredients are “all organic” or even “all natural”, only for the consumer to discover that a few ingredients are actually plant-derived while the rest are harsh “filler” chemicals which could further damage or even lead to highly sensitive skin!

As for the smell, it was a little “strange” and rather herbal and I didn’t like it at first. Yet after a few days, I grew to love the scent and it now seemed rather sweet and delightful. It’s quite possible that my dislike was because I’d been accustomed to chemical perfumes and so I’d problems with anything that contained natural fragrances. It was also possible I was simply unused to the scent.

In terms of product design, I like the colors, the logo and label designs as they look very cool, trendy and simplistic besides projecting an “eco-friendly vibe”. In terms of container design, I found that the cap was a bit flimsy and I actually cracked it a little when I dropped it. So, I wish they’d design the cap to be sturdier. The bottle itself is far more durable though and flexible enough to squeeze out the content with ease. To minimize waste, I tend to store the container upside down.

Conclusion: I’ve used this product with the Organic Bloom Nourishing Face Moisturiser for over a month and am glad to state that my skin is far less oily now. Though I still suffer from some skin conditions, they’re no longer as critical and painful to deal with. My face, which used to be very puffy and swollen has toned and firmed by quite a bit. If you’re on a budget and interested in a quality organic skincare product, this item is for you. If you’re highly sensitive to harsh ingredients just like me, this is for you too. If you’re vegan, this product has been approved by the Soil Association(UK) so it ought to interest anyone looking for animal-friendly skin and beauty products.