Pansinusitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

There are four sinus cavities inside your skull and they are present under the cheekbones, forehead and in between the eyes. The swelling and irritation of all paranasal sinuses on one or both sides of sinus cavities is known as pansinusitis or pan sinusitis. Basically, the paranasal sinuses are air filled spaces and they operate in coordination with the nasal cavities and their major location is in the skull and under the facial contours. Due to the complete infection of pansinusitis, the condition can get really worse and you might encounter severe symptoms. Therefore, a proper treatment is extremely important and you should get the condition diagnosed at the earliest.

Causes & Symptoms

The most common causes for pansinusitis include:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Viral infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Allergies

There are several factors that might trigger this condition:

  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Contaminated water of swimming pool
  • Smoking
  • Asthma
  • Teeth abscess
  • Nasal polyps
  • Sinusitis history
  • Rhinitis
  • Air pollution

The initial stage of pan sinusitis is commonly an acute condition, but if it hasn’t got proper checkup and right treatment, it will become to be chronic pansinusitis.


There are several sinusitis symptoms which would arise when you are suffering from pansinusitis and these can be really daunting on your health. Since the paranasal sinuses are located all over your face and skull, you would experience a myriad of sinusitis symptoms. Fatigue, headache and sinus pressure is the most common type of symptoms that you would experience. Apart from these symptoms, you would also experience frequent toothaches, tenderness in facial areas, loss of smell, sore throat and fever. Some cases also show the symptoms of bad breath and cough but these are usually quite rare. Even though the symptoms can be treated easily by various over the counter medicines, some cases of pansinusitis are caused by presence of tumors or infections in these regions. Therefore, it is important that you get a complete checkup done and find the right cure for this condition.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The complete pansinusitis treatment is possible only when you have been able to diagnose the condition properly and have been able to identify the major reason behind the problem. In some cases, particularly the chronic pansinusitis ones, the reason behind the pan sinusitis symptoms is related to abnormalities and tumors in the sinus cavity structures. It is extremely important that you highlight these conditions in the diagnosis and design a treatment plan accordingly. Generally, a complete CT scan or x-ray is conducted to check for any such problems and it is an appropriate test which can help in highlighting the major tumors and abnormalities. Based on the findings and diagnosis, you can design a proper treatment plan.

There are several ways for pansinusitis treatment stated by this article but it is important that you approach it in the right way. Even though you can go for the various over the counter medicines that are available, you would have to take the consultation of a doctor. The doctor will initially prescribe antibiotics if the condition is due to the bacteria infection. A surgery might be required for you to take care of the abnormalities that might be the reason behind pansinusitis.