Pedicre Tips

You can give yourself a professional pedicure at home. It is very important to use clean tools during a pedicure. Clean and sterilize the tools with warm soapy water and isopropyl alcohol and store in a dry closed container. You should remove your old nail polish before a pedicure. Fill a foot spa or basin to the filll line with warm soapy water and add a few drops of antibacterial tea tree oil and lavender oil foot soak.The antibacterial tea tree oil and lavender foot soak will prevent infections and soothe the feet.

The tools you will need for a pedicure are: nail polish remover, antibacterial tea tree oil, lavender oil foot soak, nail clippers, orange wood stick, toe separators, towels,cotton balls, foot cream, colored nail polish, base coat polish, topcoat polish, foot spa or basin, foot file or paddle, foot scrub, cuticle cream, cuticle oil, nail buffer, toenail brush and emery board.

1. Place your feet in a foot spa or basin and soak the feet for 15 minutes. Soaking the feet will loosen the cuticles and soften calluses. Cleanse the toenails with a toenail brush gently.

2. Use an foot scrub or lotion on the top and bottom of the feet. Use a foot file paddle underneath the feet and heel to remove calluses and slough away dry skin. Rinse your feet with warm water. Dry the feet and toes with a towel.

3. Apply a cuticle remover, oil or cream to the toenails with an orange wood stick. Use a cotton tip orange wood stick to clean underneath the free edge of the toenails. Gently push back the cuticles with the orange wood stick. You should never cut your cuticles.

4. Apply a moisturizer or foot cream to the feet. Massage the foot cream or lotion on the bottom and top of the foot.

5. Trim the toenails straight across with toenail clippers. Do not cut toenails to short to prevent ingrown nails and injuries.

6. Use an emery board to file and shape your toenails straight across. File toenail straight across in one direction and round the edges of the toenail. Do not file the edges of the toenail back and forth . Use a nail buffer to buff the toenails. A nail buffer gives the toenails a natural healthy look and a shine.

7. Polish the toenails with your favorite nail polish. Use toe separators or cotton balls in between the toes. Use an orange wood stick with a cotton tip and polish remover to clean up mistakes. Use a base coat nail polish first to protect the nails and let it dry.Use a colored nail polish and apply two coats. Finish your toenails with a top coat nail polish.

A pedicure is a very relaxing spa treatment. Your feet will look and feel wonderful after a pedicure.