Pedicure History of the Pedicure getting a Pedicure where did the Pedicure come from

Going to the salon and getting a pedicure is just as popular as going for a manicure in today’s fashion conscious world. A pedicure is a great way to be sure that your feet and toenails remain clean and healthy. By removing dead skin cells on the bottoms of the feet and heels through the use of a pumice stone and the cleaning of toenails through other standard pedicure equipment. The majority of women who get regular or occasional pedicures often will have the salon specialist paint their toenails especially in the summer months when sandals and flip-flops are worn. A professional pedicure not only gives your feet a healthy makeover but it is also one of the most soothing and relaxing treatments you will ever have.

Where and when pedicures began is up for debate but some say that there are cave paintings that depict ancient Egyptians performing some sort of hand and foot manipulations. Which leads one to wonder if they had been the first to find the health and wellness benefits of massage and care of the foot. The word pedicure is known to have come from the Latin words pedis, meaning the foot and cura which means care.

The great artist Degas also depicts his version of the pedicure in his 1873 painting which was simply titled The Pedicure. It is said that the painting was created by Degas on a trip to New Orleans to visit family.

One thing we do know with some certainty is that the art of foot reflexology or foot massage which is generally part of a good pedicure has the ability to sooth not only the feet but the entire body. The use of hot stones, lotions with menthol and the hands are the general tools for the relaxation massage. Other tools used in a pedicure can include a pumice stone, nail clippers, nail files, cuticle pushers, nail dryers and nail polishes.

There are certain precautions one must take before getting a pedicure though as there are a large amount of infections one can contract if the salon isn’t careful about spreading them. Always check that the salon you are going to frequent has been approved by the Department of Health and Safety and that the particular salon adheres to all regulations. By following this simple practice you will surely be leaving the salon well pampered and feeling like a Queen.