Popular Hairstyles for Asian Women

As seen in their varying hairstyles in local streets and various establishments, modern Asians are generally keen in their fashion sense and following current trends in hairstyles.

Layered Hairstyles

The use of layered hairstyles for curled, wavy, or straight hair is widely utilized by many Asian women. Many countries such as Korea, Japan, and China also prefer to have thick bangs. Some have them wide swept or layered as well. Women may also prefer to have their hair simply put down and blow dried by each layer’s ends, either to keep them straight and free flowing or they are blow-dried to have flyaway, wavy, or curly effects. There are also those who put their hair up on a bun or ponytail with the shorter layers of the hair freely flowing outside the bun or the ponytail. Putting color highlights on layered hairstyles is also common in many Asian countries.

Permed Hairstyles

One of the most popular permed hairstyles that have already passed the test of time involves hair put into big curls either halfway down the hair until the hair’s end tips or curls appearing just near the said end tips. This is one of the top Korean hairstyles, which typically employs having thick, straight bangs as well. Yet, variations can also involve keeping the straight bangs, but perming the rest of the hair. Others may prefer to have their hair colored in many ways to more effectively highlight the hair’s waves or curls.

Buns, Wrapped, and Ponytail Hairstyles

Asian students, office workers, and executives usually experiment with buns, wrapped, and ponytail hairstyles. Those who are always on the go tend to simply use a hair stick resembling a chopstick where the hair gets wrapped around it, then the stick is placed in between the base of the wrapped hair to keep it from falling. In schools, those without the usual hair stick available may even use ballpens or pencils to wrap their hair around them.

The more fashionable Asian girls take more time to create trendy hairstyles such as clipping or putting the hair on a half bun near the crown of the head or the side of the head. In the Philippines and other Asian countries, children and teens usually have ponytail hairstyles either at the back or one side of the head. Others have their hair in pigtails, one on the left and another one on the right side of the head. 

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