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Writer and yoga instructor Rachel Brahinsky says that private yoga training provides opportunities for learning yoga that group instruction may not. Private yoga lessons allow instructors to give specific modifications and adjustments to students with special physical or emotional needs. Individual yoga classes also have time for exploring detailed aspects of yoga, whether they are breathing exercises, poses or meditation. Ask your local yoga studios and gyms for a list of instructors who offer private yoga training.


Historically, yoga was an experience of learning between a yoga master and his student. Many of the styles of yoga now practiced in the West, such as Iyengar, Sivananda and Kundalini, developed in India through a relationship between yoga master and student. For example, the B.K.S. Iyengar website recounts that Sri Krishnamacharya passed his knowledge of yoga to B.K.S. Iyengar, who then started his own yoga schools. Today, many yogis seek the wisdom of gurus or highly experienced and spiritual yoga instructors.


As Brahinsky emphasizes, private yoga training allows teachers to give more attention to a student and cater to his strengths, goals and needs. Many yogis who want to work through emotional blocks find private yoga classes an ideal setting. In large yoga classes, it is extremely difficult for an instructor to help all students find better alignment or modifications. One-on-one yoga instruction is also popular among beginners who feel intimidated by the group setting.


Almost every style of yoga has instructors available for private lessons. Yoga studios often advertise that they offer personal yoga classes. Many yogis turn to Viniyoga because it trains instructors to find the needs of each student. If you plan to take private yoga lessons, it is important to research the instructor’s training background. For example, Kripalu, Integral and Anusara are styles for an initially more gentle practice, while private yoga lessons with Jivamukti and Ashtanga instructors provide you with a more intense approach to yoga.


The main downside to private yoga instruction is cost. Private yoga can cost twice as much or more as a drop-in rate for a yoga studio and considerably more than a gym membership, depending on how many private sessions to which you commit. Also consider that learning all of your yoga from one instructor limits your knowledge of other styles, approaches and sequences to yoga. As beneficial as private yoga training can be, mixing up your routine with several group yoga classes each month can give you a fresh perspective on your yoga. Also, practicing together with other yogis can provide you with healthy motivation and a sense of community.

Expert Insight

Many professional athletes use one-on-one yoga as part of their training. Athletes such as Tim Salmon from Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels, believes that his private yoga training adds years to his professional career. Other famous yogis include actors and musicians such as Madonna, Ricky Martin, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston and Sting.

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