Product Reviews John Frieda Crystal Hold Shape and Shine Spray

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The John Frieda hairstyling products are extremely impressive. In the hairdressing business since he was 16 years old, when he was apprentice hairdresser to the ‘stars’. Once married to the songstress Lulu he built his empire on solid foundations of 70’s England. Reputably John Frieda has had the biggest impact on the haircare market with his specialist lines for fine hair, frizzy hair, blond hair, brunette and red hair. Now one of the top renowned hairstylists to the stars in the USA, John Frieda has built his business into a multi million pound empire. –


I have been using his specialist products for blond hair for quite some time now. I like the range and the fact that are specially designed for blond hair specifically. The ‘Crystal Hold Shimmer and Shine Spray’ is designed to keep the blond tones bright in your hair. So naturally blond or from a bottle, the John Frieda sheer blond hold and shine spray will keep your hair in tip top condition. The actual spray Can is about 8 and a half inches high, the canister is finished off in a brushed steel with BLOND running up the can horizontally. It’s a stylish looking product with gold and black lettering to the front of the canister telling us that this is an ultra fine mist, with firm hold, and the content is 250 ml.

The spray contains special properties that will ensure there is no yellowing to the blonde hair, or dulling or darkening. Its kind and mild and specially formulated to give the hair tremendous shine, a layer of crystal clear shimmery shine. The spray is non sticky and non stiff so it will control the hair without giving it the ‘cardboard’ feel. The mist is fine and light when sprayed upon the hair and it leaves my hair feeling nice and soft but also controlled. It actually has a nice smell without being perfumed, an expensive salon smell, which I really like. It is good for all hair textures even baby fine hair and it will give a flexible hold without any stickiness. The sheer blond range has built in blond enhancers with minerals and nourishing proteins to add luster to the hair.

The shape and shimmer spray lasts me quite a long while as the mist is so fine it doesn’t seem to go down very quickly. So it is pretty economical in that respect. When spraying the hair hold the can about 25-30 cm away from the body and spray evenly over the hair for a good coverage. The result is a lovely shine and shimmer to the hair when it catches the light. The spray is to be used on hair that is dried, and after styling to keep the hair in place and to give it the added shine. It is available from salons and selected pharmacies. I love the whole John Frieda ‘ Sheer blond’ range. It just seems to keep my hair looking really healthy and in excellent condition. 8/10 for performance. –

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