Prom Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

If you have medium length hair, there are many beautiful styles that you can make for prom.  Some of these are easy while others might be best done by a hairstylist if you are not accomplished at styling your hair.  The following are some great prom hairstyles for medium length hair.

Crystal headband

If you want something easy that you can do yourself, then you can simply place a crystal headband in your hair.  They sell these at stores that offer a lot of hair accessories such as Claire’s Boutique, which appears in a lot of malls.  A lot of the nicer ones have actual Swarovski crystals.  Some of them just have a single band of crystals while others have several bands or some sort of design on them such as a star or a heart.  They also make other headbands that are fancy as well. 

French twist

A French twist can be very pretty in hair and look very sophisticated.  Medium length hair is a good length for this type of style.  They sell hair pieces that make it easy to do this, and a hair stylist can of course do this very nicely.  There are ways to make it a little different.  You could have some tendrils of hair escaping.  You could also put crystal clips or flower clips in your hair as well, which could be very pretty.

Fancy combs

You can place fancy combs in your hair.  You can place it on one side or on both.  They sell all different types of combs, some of which have rhinestones, fabric flowers, sequins or other fancy items.  In addition to combs, you can also put in clips as well.  You could leave your hair as it is or make it curly or straight, depending on what you have.

Braided creation

There are many beautiful braided styles that might be nice for prom.  You can make an elaborate French braid if you’d like.  You can also make an updo with a braid by braiding it like a crown around your head and then making a braided bun.  They sell different books on braids, which might be inspirational.

Half up/half down

Another very pretty way to wear it is to put some of your hair up in a ponytail.  There are many crystal and otherwise fancy clips to use for this.

When prom comes you will want a very special hairstyle.  Some people might even get a fresh flower to keep in their hair.  Consider the above ideas if you have medium length hair.