Rebounder Instructions


A rebounder, or mini trampoline, is an ideal piece of fitness equipment for those who have sore joints, are bored with their current exercise routine or just want to add extra cardiovascular activity to their routine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using rebounders to keep joints healthy and stretch key areas of the body, such as the knees.

Step 1

Drag a chair close to the rebounder before you begin. If you’ve never worked out with a rebounder, it’s important to give yourself some support so you can maintain your balance while bouncing. Some rebounders come with a removable stabilizing bar, but if your model doesn’t have one, hold onto a hard-backed chair with one hand while you bounce. Once you feel comfortable on the rebounder, you can do away with the chair.

Step 2

Start bouncing slowly by bending and straightening your knees just enough to get a bouncing motion, but not so much that your feet actually leave the surface of the rebounder, suggests This low-impact beginner’s bounce can help you get used to the motion and elasticity of your rebounder.

Step 3

Bounce for five minutes to start. It’s a good idea to use a stopwatch, since rebounders typically don’t have the electronic equipment that other pieces of fitness equipment might have. After five minutes of warming up by bouncing without leaving the rebounder, try jumping with enough force that you rise at least an inch above the surface of the rebounder.

Step 4

Turn on some loud and energizing music. Start bouncing with more intensity, and each time you hover in the air, twist in time to the music, suggests You can create your own dance routine, or simply kick out your leg, twist your midsection or complete another move that you have time for while airborne. Think about which area of the body you want to improve and create a dance move to target that part of the body.

Step 5

Maintain your high intensity for another five minutes, then begin to cool down by jogging in place on the rebounder. After two minutes of jogging, return to the slow warm-up bounce in which your feet don’t leave the surface. After two more minutes of slow bouncing, use your chair for support when you step off the rebounder.

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