Remedies for Dry Brittle Hair

Dry, brittle hair can look dull and flat, and is more prone to breakage than hair that is amply moisturized. Dry hair can be the result of sun exposure, too many drying hair products, certain hairstyles that pull on the hair shafts or a variety of medical conditions. Remedies for dry, brittle hair depend on the exact cause, but can be as easy as switching hair products and eating right.

Hydrate Hair

Dry hair obviously lacks moisture, making it fragile and easy to break. Hydrating the hair, from the inside out, can promote hair health and turn the shafts from brittle to sleek and shiny. How to go about the hydration process may vary from person to person, as each person’s dry and brittle locks may respond differently.

Drinking water is an easy way to keep the scalp healthy and will help the hair follicles function properly, according to The World’s Healthiest Foods. Using moisturizing shampoo may work for some people–Disabled World suggests using shampoos and conditioners that contain essential oils.

Finding the delicate balance between washing hair enough versus too much can also reverse dry, brittle hair. Some people may be able to shampoo every day without problems, while others may find that a daily shampooing strips their hair of the natural oils, which help give the hair body and shine.

Limit Styling Aids

Styling products can dry your hair out, especially those that are heat-activated. Hair dyes, relaxers and other chemicals designed to alter the hair’s texture and appearance can be harsh on the shafts and can cause them to break more easily. Healthy Hair Plus suggests using hairdryers, curling and straightening irons on low settings to help reduce the risk of drying hair out. Using only as much of a gel or mousse as is needed to keep hair in place may also retain some of the hair’s natural moisture.

Hair accessories, including elastics and clips that pull the hair tightly can cause hair to become brittle, according to the Nemours Foundation’s resource KidsHealth. Tight hairstyles like braids and cornrows pull on the shafts and can damage the follicles.

Protect from Sun

Just as artificial heat sources can cause hair to become dry, sun exposure can reduce your tresses to a dry, tangled mess. Extra conditioner can lend some moisture to sun-bleached hair, but protection from the sun is an even better. Wearing a hat while outside can keep the sun from burning the hair, which dries it out and causes it to become rough and susceptible to split ends.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Hair that is fragile and dry may be caused by a nutritional deficiency, according to The World’s Healthiest Foods. Hair is made from protein and requires a daily dietary intake of the nutrient to keep the hair healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in several kinds of fish, or through a nutritional supplement, can maintain scalp health, which makes hair healthier and less prone to breakage. Disabled World recommends vitamins A, C and E, as well as calcium for healthy hair.