Resistance Band Exercises for the Chest

Resistance bands enable you to exercise at home, in the gym or in a hotel room. Use flat resistance bands or resistance bands with handles to work your chest muscles. The American College of Sports Medicine encourages you to bring your bands with you when you travel in order to maintain your exercise program. Examine your bands to ensure there are no holes or torn areas, which will cause the band to completely sever while you are exercising.

Chest Presses/Flies

Your chest muscles originate on your collar bone, breast bone and ribs, then insert on the upper-most end of your arm bone. Drawing your arm bone toward the center of your chest is the function of your chest muscles. Loop a resistance band with handles around an immovable bar or post. Face the opposite direction from the bar and grasp a handle in each hand. Ensure the band is at your shoulder level then step forward into a lunge position. Raise your elbow to the side so you form 90 degrees at each shoulder joint. Press your arms in front of you, straightening your elbows to do a chest press. Return to the start position and repeat.

Hyght Flies

Hyght flies work your chest muscles in a scooping motion. This is an effective exercise for increasing your strength in an under-hand tennis swing. Secure a resistance band with handles to a very low position, as close to the floor as possible. Ensure the band cannot rise up from this initial position. Face the opposite direction from the bar with a handle in each hand. Step forward into a lunge position, contracting your core to stabilize your body. With your palms faced up, draw your hands upward and toward the center of your chest until they are nearly parallel to the floor. Return your arms back to the sides of your body and repeat. Keep your arms straight with a slight bend in your elbows throughout the movement.

Resistance Band Push-ups

Push-ups directly engage your pecs, triceps and the front portion of your shoulder muscles. Increase the intensity of push-ups using a flat resistance band. Drape the band around the base of your shoulder blades then under your arms. Hold one end in each hand. Stabilize your body by placing your hands on the floor three inches to the side of each shoulder. Run the excess length of the resistance band under your palms. Perform a push-up by lowering your body until your nose is two inches from the floor, then push your body back up. Keep your body in a straight line throughout the movement. Tighten the band to increase the intensity by wrapping the ends around your hands.

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