Review Alberto Vo5

Alberto VO5 seem to have been around forever. Originally founded in the US in 1955, Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing gained a following among stylists at the Hollywood studios who used VO5 products to help protect hair against the harsh studio lights and sunshine. Since then Alberto VO5 hair products have expanded to sell shampoos, conditioners and a wide variety of hair styling products including mousses, gels, sprays and the new VO5 Extreme Style freeze spray.

Alberto VO5 Extreme Style freeze spray is a styling product with a multitude of uses. Its primary purpose though, is to hold your hairstyle in place. How you use it is up to you. You can spray it onto damp hair then style using a hairdryer to give greater staying power for your styles. And if you apply it to the roots, it provides a bit of volume too. Alternatively you can choose spray it onto particular areas such as the ends to create spikes or waves. Furthermore it works just like a regular hairspray whereby you just spray it all over your ready styled hair to hold it in place.

With store shelves groaning under the weight of hairstyling products, VO5 have designed their products to stand out and get noticed. And that is why this product caught my attention when looking for something that my son could use to style his hair. The Freeze Spray is packaged in a unique but extremely convenient and lightweight, triangular shaped blue bottle. It has a small pump handle as the lid which is simplicity in itself to work single-handed. Because the bottle is transparent you see at a glance exactly how much remains so you won’t run out mid-styling session.

VO5 Extreme styling products are generally targeted at youthful, trendy folk of both sexes whose hairstyle sets them apart from the rest. Well, this is what the advertisements featuring young people appear to represent. However, there is no law against anyone of any age buying Extreme Style and of course your style doesn’t need to be extreme at all to enjoy its benefits.

Sprayed onto wet hair you can mold your hair into all sorts of spiky creations, while those with longer hair can use it to help hold their hairstyle after blow drying. Used on dry hair it’s a fabulous alternative to regular hairspray. It really does hold or ‘freeze’ your hair in place. If you spray it onto dry hair then decide to style it using your fingers, your hair does feel as if it’s frozen. And once it’s dry it takes on a matt appearance rather than a glossy one.

Because it’s a unisex product, VO5 Extreme Style gives more of the fresh, invigorating sort of smell you notice when a man leaves the bathroom, rather than the flowery type fragrances associated with many female styling products. The bottle of spray I purchased has the wording ‘New Improved Fragrance’ and though I can’t compare it to any previous versions, I find it pleasant enough and once it’s dry don’t notice it at all.

Its lasting power is extremely good with some styles still in place the following day. It doesn’t leave your hair at all sticky and there is no greasiness. And brushing it out is easy with no noticeable residue.

Alberto VO5 Extreme Style freeze spray is a multi-functional product for styling your hair that can be used by young and old, males or females. Used on wet or dry hair it holds hairstyles exceptionally well, often until the following day without leaving any telltale residue or stickiness. And for a small 150ml bottle costing around $4-5.00 in the US and £3.30 in the UK, a little goes a long way especially since it can effectively replace other styling products that maybe cluttering up your space.