Selecting a Wedding Hairstyle

It’s natural that you want to look stunning on your wedding day. After all you will be photographed countless times and on show to all your friends and family. Choosing the right hairstyle is a vital part of achieving a gorgeous overall look.

Hairstyle selection is not usually an overlooked factor, many brides pour over pages of hairstyles dreaming about the perfect wedding do. However, many fall into the trap of falling in love with a particular hairstyle without thinking through all of the elements that need to be considered. You need to consider; head wear, your dress, the style of wedding, what suits you and the need to reveal your face.


The veil, tiara or accessories you plan to wear will have an influence on what hairstyles will be suitable. For example, a long and heavy veil requires a supportive hairstyle to hold it in place. Think about how your headpiece will be attached to your hair. Does your hairstyle adequately allow for the coverage of pins or combs? In what position will you be wearing a veil or tiara? Will you be removing your veil for the reception? This determines whether your hairstyle should have interest or whether it will only be hidden anyway.


Both the style and formality of your gown should be considered when choosing a hairstyle. If you dress is very elaborate then you will probably be best sticking to a simple hairstyle so that you don’t have too many features competing, if your gown is simple you may like to be more adventurous with your hairstyle. It’s about achieving a look that is complimentary and balanced.

How soft or structured is your dress, is it voluminous with tulle and all dreamy, or is it sleek and form fitting? How modern or traditional is your dress? Your hair should work with whatever look you have chosen.

If your dress has details on the back you will need an up do to show them off. Likewise if your dress is high cut at the front or has details on the shoulders. If you have chosen a strapless dress because you want to show off your shoulders then you’ll want to wear an up do, but if you want to soften it you might want to wear your hair down. Really consider how your dress and hairstyle will work together to achieve the overall look you are aiming for.


If your wedding is going to be casual then wearing your hair out in soft waves may suit, but if you are having a formal church ceremony then an elegant French twist might be more becoming.

Consider the weather conditions; if your wedding ceremony will take place outside is it likely to be windy or humid? These conditions really affect a hairstyles staying power. Up dos tend to have the most staying power because they can be pinned well and the hair sprayed heavily with hair spray. All down hair isn’t necessarily very practical for outdoor weddings.


Don’t forget to make sure the hairstyle will suit your face shape and hair type. If you have a full face you will probably want to balance it out with some height at the crown of your head. If you have a narrow face it would be complimented by volume at the sides.

Your wedding day is not the best time to try a radically different look. It is best to stick to an elegant extension of your regular look and a style that works with your hair’s natural texture. Are you used to wearing your hair up? If so you might find it uncomfortable down. Likewise if you are used to having hair around you, you might feel naked with it all up.

When you try and work against your hairs natural texture the hairstyle is less likely to withstand all the pressures of the day. For example, if your hair is tack straight and you go for a curly style, the curls are likely to droop part way through the day. In reverse straightened hair may begin to kink.

If you have plans to grow your hair for your wedding you need to be realistic about what length it will be by the day, hair grows around an inch or so every two months. If you really want longer hair you’ll need to investigate extensions.


The emotion on your face is something both the camera and your loved ones will be angling to see on your wedding day. Therefore, a hairstyle which allows a clear view of your face is important. Whether you select an up do, leave your hair down or wear it half up/half down make sure it is not hanging in your face.

Remember to look after your hair in the lead up to your wedding; its condition will be a prime factor in achieving a gorgeous wedding day hairstyle. Make sure you select an experienced wedding hair stylist who will be able to offer you good advice and always have a trial run prior to the wedding day to ensure you are happy with the result.