Self Acceptance the Beauty in Ugliness

UGLY! How many so called ugly people do I really know. I am trying to think. There are not many ugly people in the world, just people coming form different cultures, beliefs and ethnicity groups. What features one racial group may find ugly another group may find very attractive and desirable. In some cultures, a specific trait that other cultures and communities may find distasteful are considered the key elements of beauty.

A long time ago it the modelling world would not have accepted dark- skinned models. Nowadays black skin is regarded as beautiful, and there are a lot of black models like Noami Campbell. Gone are the days when slim, long hair and blue eyes were only considered beautiful.

A person who is not considered incredibly beautiful can enhance their looks. This only comes about by ythe time self acceptance is reached, and the person is quite comfortable in his/her skin. She needs to be happy and self confident about his/her looks, and not take public criticism to heart. A person’s body shape does not dictate how society should treat them. I strongly beleive though, that it is how people feel about themselves inside, is what they give out. If a person feels that he/she is ugly, and wants to seclude him/herself away from society then other people will not care for this person, and see his/her inner beauty. The minute this person sees his/her body as a instrument to enjoy his/her life , that is the time everyone will love that person.

Many mental diseases have also been associated with people not being able to accept their body shape, size and features. Anorexia Nervousa, Bulimia and also depression have dire consequences. The sad part of these diseases is that the person may be very pretty or good looking, but because the mind tells them that they do not meet certain criteria with regards to beauty they punish themselves so badly that they end up being totally repulsed by their bod each time that they look in the mirror. The mental disease sufferer can be cured, not by drugs but by curing his/her mind and accepting his/her body, loving it and enjoying the body so that he/she can reap the maximum sense of enjoyment from the body. The mental disease sufferer goes through years of therapy and self denial, but the only time he/she can be normal, eat normal, play normal and work normal is whrn he/she gains an acceptance of his/her body.

With acceptance comes peace of mind, and with peace of mind comes stability.