Self Healing Methods

Our bodies are constantly revived. The stomach lining is replaced every five days and red blood cells have a 120 day life span. How we treat ourselves mentally and physically affect healthy cell reproduction and because the regeneration process of cells, tissues and organs is directly influenced by our life choices, focusing on self healing methods empowers you to contribute to the wellness of your body system.


In Sanskrit, prana means vital energy carried to life through breath. Pranayama is the regulation of breath and the practice is to control the vital energy that is within each breath. Practicing pranayama techniques massage the organs and rejuvenate the body with new blood, fluids and oxygen, according to author and yoga teacher Donna Farhi. One pranayama technique used during some yoga practices is Ujjayi breathing. The body benefits from Ujjayi breathing because it increases intake of oxygen, slows the breath, helps build energy, and maintains an increased pressure in the abdomen area thus supporting the spine, according to Farhi. Kapalabhati is another pranayama technique that purifies the nasal passages and lungs by contacting and releasing the lower belly to pump powerful cleansing breaths throughout the body, Farhi writes. Alternate nostril breathing balances the body and mind, calms the nervous system and lowers heart rate, she says.

Some yoga traditions say pranayama is best studied with a teacher.


The practice of yoga leads to balance, physically and emotionally, and allows the mind and soul to find stillness in the movement. Dr. Timothy McCall lists 40 ways that yoga heals the mind and body system, in his book “Yoga As Medicine”. Among these, yoga improves immune function, improves joint health, increases oxygenation of tissues, lowers need for medication, conditions the cardiovascular system, and lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


The body is able to rejuvenate, restore and heal naturally with sleep. Not getting enough sleep weakens the immune system and, according the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, “serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormone levels, and irregular heartbeats”.

Aromatic Bath

Water and essential aromatherapy oils mixed in a bath can be a therapeutic method for the body. The healing benefits of the essential oil are absorbed through the skin, moisturizing it, and are inhaled, which stimulates the brain and enhances a sense of well being.