Seven Safety Rules for Skiing

Skiing can be fun if one is cautious. If reckless, however, the activity can become one of danger, potentially putting your life and the lives of others in peril. There are numerous ways to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone around you.

Wear Appropriate Accessories

A helmet is the most important piece of a skier’s uniform, as it can prevent fatal injuries. Think of it as riding a bike; only you’re going down a slippery mountain at speeds upwards of 30 mph. Wearing goggles over the helmet is the best way to protect your eyes from the sun and the wind, as well as helping you to see what’s on the slopes.

Take Lessons

If you’ve never skied before, you should go to a ski school or at least take a class to ensure you know the basics of skiing and how to stop safely.

Terrain Parks

Do not venture into the terrain parks unless you are experienced and confident of your ability to reach the bottom of the slope safely. Going off a ski jump without knowing how to jump or land could end in serious injury.

Dress in Layers

Wearing waterproof thermals underneath your clothing is extremely important in order to stay warm and dry. On top of the thermals, wear snow pants and a winter jacket. This will give you two layers of waterproof clothing and warmth.

Stay on the Trail

Going off the trail into the woods to explore is a recipe for disaster. Skiers have been lost because they fell in the woods and were not able to get out.

Ski Within Your Ability

If your friends want to go down a black diamond, or expert trail, and you do not feel comfortable with your skiing ability, don’t go. Impressing your friends is much less important than ensuring your body remains in one piece.

Let Yourself Fall

Too many people do whatever it takes to prevent themselves from falling. If you feel yourself losing your balance, get in a position to fall without hurting yourself. By trying to keep yourself up when your body clearly is off balance can aggravate your quads and your ACL.

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