Sexy Curly Hairstyles for Prom

The prom is all about the hair and looking sexy. It is a special occasion and nothing requires more attention than the hair and dress. Thankfully there are plenty of sexy hairstyles for people with varying hair length and different face shapes.

There are two main ways to choose the right sexy hairstyle that will complement your look and make you stand out from the crowd. You can select the hairstyle first and get the dress and shoes afterwards. Alternatively, if you already have the shoes and dress, you need to find a suitable hairstyle that will truly bring out the sexiest look on prom night.

Sexy prom hairstyles for long hair

Long hair offers loads of opportunities to create a chic sexy look. Long cascading curly hair is always sexy. If your hair is naturally cascading then you only need to apply the right styling products to keep it in place throughout the night. The natural carefree look has plenty of body and bounce and is easy to maintain and stay in place. If you prefer tighter curls, you can always have a perm to tighten the curls. However, the cascading affect is lost on tighter curls.

Sexy prom hairstyles for medium length hair

A Bob haircut is versatile and can achieve many different looks. Use waves instead of layers to create a ripple affect. This is great for people with long face shapes and it adds bounce and volume to the sides.

Shoulder length hair is ideal with the ends and mid-length layered to add texture. Soft sexy curls dangling at the side create a cute look as well as a sexy look. To achieve more defined curls, you can apply a gel-wax directly. Defined curls are better suited to natural curly hair while the soft sexy curls are an option for loose perms and wavy hair.

Sexy prom hairstyles for short hair

When it comes to short hair, sassy curls are sexy. This is especially true for natural curly hair as it is hard to achieve the right balance with a perm. However, a tight perm is an option for people with straight or wavy hair. A loose perm can look sexy with short hair, but it takes a well trained stylist to achieve the distinction between sexy and ragged.

After styling the hair, you need to ensure it is easy to maintain so that it retains the sexy look throughout the night. Ask your stylist on maintenance tips before you leave the salon. The last thing you want to happen is for the hair to lose shape after a nights dancing.

The hairstyle itself is not the definition of sexy as it can have additional decorations to increase the sexiness. Most styles above are fine without additional decoration, but a well placed clip can truly transform the ordinary into the extra ordinary and make you stand out from a crowd. The clip can also help keep the hairstyle in place no matter how much dancing you do.