Sexy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair in itself can be very sexy.  There are many beautiful ways to wear your hair when you have long tresses.  The following are some sexy hairstyles to consider.

Wear it loose and down

Sometimes the sexiest is to just wear it natural.  Let it flow freely down your back.  If it is curly, let it be curly; if it is straight then leave it like that.  You will have different choices as far as the “part” in your hair.  You could have it in the middle, but a very sexy way is to make the part to the side and have some of the hair flip over in the front.  Another alternative is to make it curly or wavy if it is naturally straight.  You could use curlers or a curling iron to do this.  Of course, if you have naturally curly hair, you could also straighten it. 

Wear in over one shoulder

Another pretty and easy way to make a sexy hairstyle with long hair is to simply flip your hair over one shoulder.  This can make quite a seductive look and it takes all of one second to accomplish.  An alternative to this is to put in some sort of scrunchi, clip, or barrette in it after you have flipped it over your shoulder.  This can help keep it in place and make it a little more elegant.

Place a comb to bring the hair up on one side

Another very sexy hairstyle for long hair is to use a comb to bring it up on one side.  This can give a very exotic look.  There are many different combs you can purchase.  Some of the prettiest ones have Swarovski crystals in them.  Make sure that you get something that is not childish.  You can use a little hair spray or hair gel if you are having difficulty getting the comb to stay in.  An alternative to this might be to use some sort of clip, barrette or scrunchi, which might stay in better.  Some people choose to put a clip that looks like a flower is in your hair.  Also, you can choose to put one in each side of your hair, which can also be very pretty and look nice for a lot of people.

There are many sexy hairstyles for those with long hair.  You will find a lot of ideas and pictures for inspiration in fashion books, magazines and the Internet.  Consider the above ideas when styling your hair.