Sexy Medium Length Hairstyles for Prom

With medium length hair, there are many sexy hairstyles to wear from prom.  You can choose to do it yourself or go to a hairstylist to make the following styles.

Sexy curls

A lot of people find waves and curls to be very sexy, and this can look especially great with medium length hair.  If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, then this will be very easy.  You can put a product in it such as hair spray or hair gel to help keep it from getting frizzy.  You can just let it be down.  If you have bangs you can style them in a side-swept manner or down.  If your hair is naturally straight then you can curl it yourself with a curling iron or curlers or have it done professionally.  You can have an abundance of ringlets or have wild waves.

Sexy updo

Just because you have an updo does not mean that it cannot be very sexy, and there are many updos that can be accomplished with medium length hair.  You could make a French twist but to make it a little sexier you can have some soft tendrils escaping from it.  A lot of women also like to make some sort of messy bun.  Just be careful because there can be a thin line between something that is chic and stylish and something that just looks unkempt. 

Wear it to one side

Wearing your hair over your shoulder can be very sexy.  It can be straight down with nothing else in it.  You could also attach some sort of pretty clip to it to help keep it there.  Another idea is to have the hair pulled to one side.  You can use hair pins to put the hair to one side.

Wear your hair half up

Another great sexy hairstyle for medium length hair is to put the top part in a little ponytail.  You can put this high up on your head.  You can use a crystal clip to make it very fancy. 

Hair combs or clips

There are different hair combs and clips that you can put on either one side or both sides of your head.  They make some that are very fancy with Swarovski crystals in them, which can make them just perfect for the prom. 

There are many great sexy hairstyles for prom for medium length hair.  Consider the above ideas when planning your look.