Sexy Short Haircuts

Haircuts which are short and sexy are best chosen to suit an individuals personal taste, requirements and face shape. By taking these elements in to consideration every one has the chance to enjoy the freedom and sensuality that such short hairstyles have to offer.

Personal taste

If you are a woman are you a diva who would appreciate a sleek  sexy haircut or a romantic who loves to sport a softer style with waves and movement? If you are a man do you have a retro taste and hanker after a sexy hairstyle from the 1960’s, or a modern, simple short haircut which entails little work to maintain before you go to work in the morning?

Have a think about what your personal taste is, and design your haircut around your preferences. This way your new hairstyle will feel right, as well as producing a look which you desire.


Do you have time and the enthusiasm required to tend your short hair on a regular basis? Or would a less fussy haircut afford you with more time and energy to get on and do other activities you would prefer to be doing?

People who like to get ready to go out in a hurry can benefit from having a short choppy haircut which simply needs a little mouse applied to style. Those who love to preen and pamper their hair are more likely to enjoy a hairstyle which entails some extra work, such as the use of a heated brush or regular styling with a round brush after washing.

Face shape

Both men and women who have a round or square shaped face tend to look their best when they have their short hair sexily swept to the side. Bangs can soften a short style and make facial features appear more gentle and so less harsh.

If you have a heart shaped or long shaped face you may like to have blunt bangs across your forehead accompanying a bob haircut. This hairstyle will help your short hair to glean a sexy shine and show off its good condition.

People with small facial features look best when they have a short hairstyle which doesn’t overwhelm them. An urchin cut is particularly effective if you want to highlight a chiseled jawline or high cheek bones.


Once you have thought about your preferences you may like to also consider hairstyles which are fashionable. Some haircuts and styles never seem to become less trendy. Short sexy styles which fit the bill are the classic bob, the crew cut and a choppy, layered style. Haircuts which are up to date now include the emo cut, the fade haircut and the buzz cut.

Short haircuts tend to be sexy because they allow their owner freedom and give an impression of energy and youth. We are likely to automatically assume that a person with a short haircut also has self confidence, rather than a low self esteem, and that they are relatively care-free.