Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

There are many different short hairstyles around suitable for different occasions and different face shapes. A formal short hairstyle for someone with a square shape face can be completely different to a person with a round shaped face. Similarly, a causal hairstyle may look great on a person with a diamond face shape, but look horrible on a person with a triangular face shape. For people with fine hair, they need to take extra caution to ensure they achieve a consistent and stylish look throughout the day.

Fine hair is prone to splitting easily and requires good management. A short hairstyle that is difficult to manage is not advisable as it will lead to more split ends and bad hair days. There are plenty of styles to choose from that suit fine hair and all face shapes. However, a good cut and the right length that promotes volume will generally look great.

Different layered hairstyles are a great choice for people with short hair as the layered affect gives the appearance of volume. If suitable conditioning products are used, short layered hair can have plenty of shine and movement as well as appear to have plenty of volume. Layering will create a textured look and can decrease weight as well as appear to increase volume.

Layered hairstyles work for short straight hair as well as short wavy or curly hair. The key to achieve different looks is to use different layering techniques. Hair density and texture will determine the most suitable layering technique. A good stylist will be able to advise on different layers for different face shapes, hair density and hair texture.

The Bob hairstyle is popular for people with fine hair. It frames the face and therefore is suitable for most face shapes. The Bob can have a layered cut and bangs. The bangs will add options to achieve a different look each day. You can sweep the bangs to the right or left, leave them straight or clip them to create your own definitive look. Modern bobs have sharp cuts, but personal taste and changing trends may sway you in a different direction.

Formal hairstyles for weddings or special occasions can combine Bob and layering techniques to create a neat and tidy tailored look. Casual hairstyles have more leeway in terms of looking tailored, but you will still need to manage them to ensure a consistent look. Alternative short hairstyles can also look great, even with fine hair. However, face shape often determines whether or not the alternative look is doable.