Simple Hair Style Ideas

A woman with long hair has both a great asset and real hassle potential on her hands. If she cares for it correctly a head of long hair can transform a perhaps rather plain miss into a beauty, but if she is not careful the opposite can happen. She can be lovely but a messed-up head completely distracts from her fine points.

So what can be done?

A haircut that flatters is essential. It needn’t be complicated or overly showy, but at least a trim now and then is mandatory. No split ends here!

If you have a nice haircut, with or without bangs, wearing it loose can be very pretty. If you don’t like your hair in your eyes, you can either wear a headband or pull part of it back in a clip. There are many many pretty hair accessories available, from headbands that look like they are made of leather, to pretty jeweled creations, to wee butterfly clips with all manner of decoration. You just have to decide what appeals to you the most. And remember, variety is the spice of life!

If you just want something casual, a ponytail is the obvious choice. But maybe not… what kind of pony would you like? High? Low? Off to the side a bit? And what will you secure it with? Don’t use a plain rubber-band, you are not doing anyone any favors. The rubber will break your hair and that is not good!

If you want to truly get your hair out of the way, a braided ponytail works very well, since it will not come undone very easily.

Entering the world of braids can be a little overwhelming. A simple braid is pretty, or a French braid if you’re particularly involved. Try a simple braid higher up on the back of your head, then wind it into a bun. Simply elegant for day, and with the addition of a few rhinestone pins it looks equally good for night.

You’ve seen the bigger claw clips, of course, and these are good for twisting your hair up into a roll on the back of your head and securing it. Make sure you have one that is the right size, so you don’t have to constantly redo it when it falls out. If you have the right size, it should stay in place for a few hours at least, if not all day. Of course, it depends on how thick and heavy your hair is.

Visit the hair care section of your local Wal-Mart or pharmacy. The variety and the pretty things should spark a few ideas, and if you want more ideas for slightly more complicated hairstyles, your local library will have books to help you. Remember to have fun!