Skin Care Tips during Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to skin care, since the hormonal changes taking place in their bodies influence the appearance of their skin, as well. These simple skin care tips during pregnancy will help mothers to be to become more in control of their physical appearance and feel better about themselves, despite all the annoying changes.

How to cleanse

Pregnant or not, women still need to cleanse their skin. The best pregnancy skin care tips teach us that a gentle cleanser is the most recommended, and one that is glycerin based is the best you can use. For women whose skin becomes very dry a moisturizing cleanser is the recommended product. Another skin care during pregnancy recommendation says that you should avoid washing your face more than twice each day, since such habit can cause over-dryness of the skin.

Dealing with the mask of pregnancy

More than two thirds of pregnant women are affected by something called the mask of pregnancy. Pregnancy skin care tips teach us that this happens especially after the second trimester is over and at the beginning of the last trimester, and that it consists of a skin discoloration that it is more pregnant on the cheeks, the forehead, on the nose, and on the upper lip. To avoid this discoloration from happening, it is highly recommended that you use the proper moisturizer and sunscreen with a protection factor of at least SPF 15. However, if you intend to spend a day at the beach, you need a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, in order to stave off skin discoloration.

Treating acne outbursts

During the first trimester of pregnancy, acne outbursts are quite the norm, and many pregnant women are annoyed by them. Retinoids are not recommended, nor is salicylic acid, for treating acne in pregnant women, so, if you want to get the best treatment, you may want to share your problem with your dermatologist. As a rule of thumb in skin care tips during pregnancy, it is recommended that you try anti-acne treatments that contain only glycolic acid, or alpha hydroxyl acid. Also, if you want to fight acne during pregnancy from the inside, it is recommended to drink a lot of water and consume mainly fresh fruits and vegetables.

Makeup tips for pregnant women

Being pregnant does not prevent you from looking your best, so skin care tips during pregnancy also include makeup tips for pregnant women. Go for easy makeup that uses handy products, such a foundation that can also be used as a concealer, or moisturizing lipstick whenever you want to go outside.