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This is not a scam. This is not a dream, all things are possible! A haircut can definitely knock a few pounds off of your waistline. If we pleasantly plump gals can find something that will give the illusion that we’ve just lost five pounds after we’ve eaten a pizza; why not?! Just put it on the card sir!

Look in the mirror and smile. Now we’re off to a good start. Long stringy hair isn’t going to do a whole lot for you, except to string along where ever you go. The reason your hair ends up stringy is because you haven’t trimmed your hair and your hair enters into the “Telogen” cycle. This is called the resting phase of hair growth. Your brain checks out your growth cycle and sees what is happening and says to your hair follicle, “She doesn’t need anymore strings!” Haven’t you heard people say, “my hair stops growing at a certain length?” What they need is a good clip.

The realization that it is time to get a good haircut doesn’t mean it can’t do something marvelous! Do you believe that? Well, you will. Consider the long stringy hair that is lying on your back. Long hair adds to, short takes away. The strings are drawing attention to your added wares. One of the modified bobs that are so trendy today could be the answer. When you bring your hair up and above your shoulders, you are starting a non surgical procedure that gives a rise against gravity. First of all, your hair will not have anymore strings and will look and feel thicker. There will be a direct cut off on the formation of your body. When you look in the mirror, there will be a sharp definition. This is a considerable change and improvement from before.

If you have a round or square face, and plenty of celebrities have it besides you; consider getting an asymmetrical cut. Perhaps with one side that curves just under the chin and the other side up about an inch that breaks the flesh on your cheeks. The results of this cut are amazing! Why not modify this cut and put a few layers around for some spiff! If you wear a square cut collared shirt, along with the haircut; this too will flatter your body. Now stand in front of the mirror and stand up straight. When you stand up straight, you will knock at least one or two inches off of your waistline. Along with the new haircut and standing up straight, the inches could realistically total to about three inches. If you are appearing three inches smaller, you will also look taller; you are going to look like you’ve lost some weight!

If your heart is set on keeping your long locks and you tremble at the thought of getting a new cut, consider a small trim instead. Why not begin to wear your hair up more? Although it won’t have the same dramatic effect as a short cut, it will help because your hair will be off of your shoulders. When I suggest wearing your hair up, I mean something like a light hearted chignon in the crown of your head with a few wisps of hair escaping out for fun. The severity of pulling all your hair away from your face will defeat your purpose because you will be drawing attention to your weight instead of minimizing your assets.

Layers clipped to touch your shoulders will also help, as you can wear them flipping out on the top and upper sides, while the ends lightly touch your shoulders. Paula Deem is a good example of a round face that wears a light shag clip. This is exactly what I am talking about. A spark of volume around the top will help even out your body and give more life, than the straight flat look that we see on so many today. Do not be a trend follower. Find out what looks good on you. Light curls will soften your face and will usually draw it up. Straight hair brings your face down, unless you are extremely youthful.

An extreme haircut will give an extreme result. For example, a haircut with only about an inch and a half of hair all around your head could look like a pea and make your body look like a wrestlers. This of course depends on the size of your head and body. Test the waters and try on some wigs before you get that hair cut. Look in some magazines, surf the web and pick out some styles, then ask your professional what they think about your selections. If they are reputable stylists they will tell you whether you would look good in them or not. Your best critic will be your children, they always tell us the truth; even if we do not want to hear it. Others see us differently than how we see ourselves.

Now, go back to the mirror and smile because there are scores of haircuts that will give you the lift inside as well as outside; that you’ve been searching for.