Slimming Hairstyles

Hair styles not only have the ability to slim down the appearance of a full face, they can also make your body appear slimmer and more proportional. It is possible to get a new hair cut and walk out of the salon looking lighter instantly!

Slimming a full face

If you have a full face you want to avoid width around the widest point on your face, typically this will be the cheek region. Full, curly hairstyles that stick out at the sides will only make your face appear even fuller.

Instead you want to create a style which is full on top of the head, but sleek at the sides until it passes your fullest area. Styles with height at the crown of the head help to slim down the appearance of your face because they add the visual appearance of length which minimizes the noticeable fullness of your face.

Then keep your hair close to the sides of your face until around chin level. Soft feathery layers past the chin can balance out fullness in the cheek region. An off center part like a side part also helps because it breaks up the fullness visually.

As far as styling goes use volumizing products to lift hair at the roots and dry hair upside down with a blow dryer to ensure that you gain height at the crown. Wearing your hair up or half up can also add height. Finally allowing a few vertical tendrils which pass the fullness in the chin to dangle down can slenderize the look.

Looking slim and in proportion to your body

It is not only horizontal striped clothing that can make you look wide, your hair can make you appear wider all over too. It is far less common to hear about matching a haircut to your body type, but it can certainly help your overall appearance. Consider the following to achieve a slim, proportional look:

-Pear shaped women who are bottom heavy don’t look good with short pixie styles because they don’t balance out their proportion. The bottom, thighs and hips will appear even wider in contrast. Instead they should opt for hairstyles that have height and fullness around the crown.

-Petite women shrouded in lots of long, unruly hair will look shorter rather then elongated. If you want to look taller and thinner then you need to ensure your hairstyle is scaled correctly to your frame size. A little height at the top of the head will make you appear taller, but too mach va voom hair will only swamp you and give a cartoon like appearance of small body, big head. Shoulder length, sleek styles with moderate volume at the crown of the head are the most flattering.

-Plus sized- avoid big hair which will only contribute to you looking big overall. However you don’t want to go in reverse and choose a close cropped short style either. This might make you look like a cartoon character in reverse with a tiny head and big body. Mid back length hair that is straight or slightly wavy looks the most flattering.

Hair color can also be used to achieve a slimmer appearance. In general skinny vertical highlights have a slenderizing affect.

So next time you have a trip to the salon planned consider how you can use your hairstyle to looking more slender and in proportion.