Small Breast are a Good Thing

Once upon a time I met a guy who categorized my breast as mini muffins. This was bizarre and kind of funny at the same time. He categorizes breast in three different ways. Females with “mosquito” bite breast are like those 100 calorie muffins. Females with a little cleavage are like mini muffins. A decent size but not quite that big. Females with fuller bigger breast are those individually wrapped muffins.

Now what straight girl doesn’t want to feel wanted and desired by the opposite sex? Media and Porn Stars make females of all ages feel like they should have big breast. This is the only way that men will want to be with us and find us appealing to the eye. Personally, I don’t agree with that at all. Boobs do not define who women are as people. Could you imagine females with big knockers as eyeballs? Yes, that would be visually appealing to anyone. (NOT!) I like knowing that men aren’t looking at my breast when I talk to them.

The only thing that matters is if you are happy with the size of your breast. If you think silicon breast will make you happy, so be it. I like the fact that my breast don’t look like someones butt cheeks. Breast in all shapes and sizes can be beautiful. Mine just so happen to be perky “mini muffins”. I think all females with small breast at some point wish they had bigger breast.

There are other body parts of the human body to focus your attention on. Instead of constantly worrying about the size of your breast look at your other assets. Do you have a nice booty or maybe beautiful brown eyes? Small breast are nothing to be ashamed about or looked down upon. So what if some guy doesn’t think you are as sexy as some girl with big ta ta’s. Is she smarter than you? Is she a better girlfriend than you? Is she funnier than you?

Females with smaller breast truly have it easier than females with bigger breast. This is not my opinion it is the simple truth. We can run laps without our breast holding us back. We can wear tank tops without a bra because our breast stay in place. There is usually always a cute bra to buy. Our breast wont sag down to the ground when we are older. You don’t have to worry about one falling out to say hello to the world. When you hug people your breast don’t rub against them as much. Employers wont hire you because your breast are the center of attention. Your intimate life is different when you have smaller breast.

The reasons why small breast are a good thing are endless. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should embrace the fact that you have small breast. Be thankful for the gift that you have been blessed with. Do not let your small breast leave a negative impact on your life.