Small Breasts

For some reason many women want huge breasts. Women should be happy with the breasts that they were born with. All breasts are beautiful. Small breasts for some reason are seen as bad. When actually they have many ups. Many believe that only big breasts are sexy. But that’s not the truth all breasts are made for the same reason so I don’t see why women think bigger ones are sexier. Many men don’t even care about breasts sizes like many women think they do. I come from a family with really small breasts. And we all have found guys that think we are hot and beautiful. Some guys even prefer small breasts. Here is a list of reason why small breasts are actually an advantage.

Breast Cancer- If you have small boobs their is less chance of developing breast cancer or if you do their less breast tissue so it is easier to find a bump faster. Those with big breasts have a much bigger chance of developing breast cancer than A or B cup women. This is probably the biggest advantage of having small breasts.

The Way Clothes Fit- If you have small breasts it is easier to find clothes that look good on you. When you have small breasts you can wear anything and it will look good. It is a lot harder for someone with Double Ds to find a well fitting shirt in comparison to smaller breast sizes.

They Won’t Attract too much Attention- You don’t want guys to like you just because you have big breasts. If they are really big they won’t be talking to you but your breasts. You want guys to love you for you. If you have big breasts you might attract the wrong sort of guy.

Fake Breasts- Fake breasts are really bad for you. They wear out the tissue around your breasts making it paper thin so literally your breast could rip open after a lot of time. And if you plan on having kids you can’t breast feed with fake breasts. Plus they float and look and feel super fake.

Stretch Marks- Women with small breasts don’t get stretch marks. Stretch marks are ugly and don’t look good in a bathing suit.

The Girls Won’t Start to Droop- When you get older your breasts won’t end up at your belly button. They will be perky and higher a lot longer.

They Won’t Jiggle When you Run- Well they will a little but not a ton. Women with big breasts have problems running because their breasts drag them down plus it hurts them when they run for a long time. So small breasted women can run without the hurt and the annoyance.

They Don’t Get in the Way- Big breasts can just be a plain drag. When you have tiny breasts they are just less in the way.

Tiny breasts are actually good. I hope you found these reasons helpful. Remember to love your breasts they are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful the way they are.