Soap Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream

I really thought I had overcome by random impulse buying. I finally thought I could say no to the pretty bottles and head straight to the essentials that I had originally wanted to buy. But I was recently caught off guard. I went into Boots, not even for myself but I was with a friend and just popped in with her. I picked up some deodorant making a mental note that this WAS needed and therefore an ok purchase. But glistening on the shelf right at the back, against the bright white walls, was the throne of Soap & Glory. The pink packaging shining out down the aisle, I am sure I saw it all in slow motion like a long lost love. Then it hit me… Soap & glory products 1/3 off! 1/3? 1/3? Ok….. great! I picked up one thing, one that I love but have almost finished with… then another… then another… ok. I walked out with seven items from the Soap & Glory range.

I almost had palpitations taking them to the till. I had to call my boyfriend with a very solemn voice once I had left Boots and try to explain why exactly I NEEDED these when I didn’t even NEED to go into Boots in the first place! So once I was home, I spread them out on the bed with a huge smile and thought about which one to use first! After a thought or two, I decided to use their ‘Heel Genius’ once I was out the bath and hoped for the best!

* WHO ARE SOAP & GLORY? (In-case you don’t know!) *

Soap & Glory was created by a very clever lady named Marcia Kilgore who is also the brain behind Bliss Spas and the new Fit flops range. Soap & Glory is now a huge bath and beauty range sold in boots, John Lewis and the similar large stores. Its products range from bubble bath and body lotion, to lip gloss and self-tan. Although the products are quite pricey compared to the rest of the market it definitely has made its mark in the beauty and body industry and has a strong, loyal customer base.


Well, Soap *& Glory are well known for floating their own boat and they quite simply call this an ‘Amazing foot cream with a miraculous moisturising mix’. So what I get from this is that it will absolutely somehow make my feet as soft as they were when I was 4 years old! Ok maybe that is pushing it a bit but even the people at Soap & Glory believe that feet should be friendly, soft, smooth and lovely to look at. Apparently this is the foot cream to help me achieve all of that and more. With Allantoin, Glycerine, Macadamia Oil, Menthol, Bilberry plus Orange and Lemon fruit acid smoothers as the ingredients I also expected the same!

The packaging as with the majority of Soap & Glory products is just as humorous and eye catching as you would expect. A pink squeezy tube with the silver, white and cream writing splashed over the front and back. (A different colour to the picture above). It has a busy design with lots of detail but the catchy puns that are reminiscent of British tabloid headlines always catch my eye. Plus Soap & Glory products look great in my bathroom!

The instructions are pretty simple and are reflective to most foot creams. Massage a generous layer of Heel Genius onto clean feet (I wouldn’t suggest you put it on dirty feet!) but yet, a lot of cream as often as you can remember and then slip some cotton socks over the top and let it soak in while you sleep. I love products that work hard while I relax. Done of this scrubbing, peeling or other physical business.

Now I love a pedicure, not only because of the relaxing feeling you get while your feet are soaking but the fact that your feet feel amazingly soft and smooth afterwards. I never want to put my shoes on and I almost want to walk home in bare feet but that would of course defeat the object of having a pedicure in the first place. The face that the tube of foot cream has ‘Better than a pedicure?!’ on the top gives me high hopes. Although the question marks make it more of a question then a statement. Anyhow, the foot cream makes the respectful promise of being an amazing foot cream. It better live up to its expectations!


To be honest I don’t have the worst dry skin but my feet do need more care to stop them becoming dry and they could always do with a bit of love. It really is a surprise the difference a bit of moisture on the feet can do!


After I had my bath I at down and unscrewed the lid of Heel Genius. With the orange and lemon acid ingredients I was expecting a sharp citrus smell, or at least the usual fruity scent that comes with most S&G products. So I was slightly disappointed that all I got was a hint of mint and almost a forestry type smell! But I know most foot creams are the peppermint kind so my disappointment wasn’t that surprising. The cream itself is quite thick and a light blue colour. You could almost confuse it with toothpaste as it has the same gel like appearance.

As you smooth it in it becomes an almost clear gel, quite wet but that means it spreads well. It becomes clear and it doesn’t soak in straight away so make sure you have your socks next to you! I dint put too much on just enough to cover my feet concentrating on the heels as that’s the driest part and then gently pulled my socks over trying not to wipe off the cream as I did. I had a small amount left on my hands and thought I would rub it in a little before washing my hands and it left my hands feeling super smooth and not greasy at all. So yes I had high hopes for the morning.


So after my usual struggle to wake up I vaguely remembered I had socks on for a reason and believe me when I say my boyfriend had to wake me up every morning, but the fact I knew I had something else to inspect made it slightly easier. I switched on my light and sat back on my bed and peeled off my socks. Well….. the results were in and……

Hmmmmmm……. About average I would say! Yes my feet were definitely softer and well moisturised and that was just after one night. They wee not completely free from the rough stuff, but I would say a definite improvement and if I use this for the rest of the week then I will definite have a 10 fold improvement in the softness and smoothness of my feet so it definitely does what it says it will do. However, the reason I call it average it because ANY thick moisturiser will do the same. I have the same results if I do exactly the same thing with Nivea cream (for example). Feet need intense moisture and that’s what they will get if u pile on the cream and some cotton socks. So at a normal price of almost £5 I really would say leave it unless it is on offer. The results were there but definitely at a price.


As a foot cream Heel Genius does exactly what it says and makes them soft and smooth. The cream doesn’t leave feet greasy or sticky which is always a bonus and I know some people with like the fragrance where I find it rather off putting and far from fresh or fruity. I did like my new fondness for my feet and I have a bit of a habit of saying ohhh my feet are so soft! But as I said before I have had the same results from a large tub of thick cream that was probably half the price of Heel Genius.

If you want a pretty looking foot cream that doesn’t embarrass you and make your visitors think you are a walking flake then this will obviously curve the blushes. But for practicality and results, it works but you can definitely find one cheaper with the same great results.

Recommended for Soap & Glory fans, people who want a pick me up for the feet, but not for the penny-savers or more practical people. Just grab some moisturiser, plonk it on your feet and cover with cotton socks. The same results as Heel Genius…. I know I really AM the Genius!

Thanks for reading!