Summer Skincare

Summer is finally here and your skin needs have changed a bit since those cold winter months. You may have had dry skin in colder months, but now suddenly your face is so oily that you could grease a frying pan with it. Now you are stuck wondering what you should be doing to fix those skin problems. Here are some tips from a former Mary Kay and Avon beauty consultant.

Start with a basic cleanser that is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores and does not contain any harsh additives. You should wash once in the morning and once in the evening before you go to bed. Nothing fancy or special needs to be done if you have the right facial cleanser that works for you.

Each cleanser is different and some have an added fragrance, so if you have sensitive skin be sure to check the ingredients while you are picking one out for yourself. Stick with the same cleanser once you find one that agrees with your skin.

A toner is not necessary, although it is useful to help remove some of that excess oil that may still show on your skin after you have washed your face. You can apply a toner quickly with a cotton ball, but I would only use toner once a day so as not to dry out your skin too much.

Last but not least, always be sure to apply the correct moisturizer, especially containing an SPF during the day! Even on the cloudiest of days, your skin still enters a battle with the UVB rays. Don’t let your skin age any quicker than it needs to. Applying that SPF moisturizer every day after simply washing your face will save you tons of money in the end.

You may consider purchasing a separate moisturizer for evening use just to even out your complexion a bit more while you sleep, or possibly one that controls the production of oil. These need to be used only at night because some of the added ingredients can cause damage to your skin if exposed to sunlight.

All in all, follow that basic skincare routine and you will hardly ever have another skin problem again! Fancy or expensive products don’t need to be purchased. Check out your local drugstore for excellent deals and savings on a new skincare routine.

Don’t ever be shy to email your local beauty rep a question about skincare either. You won’t have to buy anything just for asking a question and no question will be left unanswered if you find the right representative that will care about you as an individual.