Tattoo Removal Laser Tattoo Removal Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

People who have gotten a tattoo sometimes find that they later regret this decision. It may be holding them back from employment, or causing a riff in a new relationship; especially if the name of a former love is emblazoned on their body. Or it could have even more sinister associations, such as ties to a gang.

Whatever the reason for wanting them gone, there are several tattoo removal options that can be considered. Some are more effective than others, and some aren’t effective at all.


Laser tattoo removal is probably the most popular; or at least the most well-known. It is reasonably effective, using a high-powered YAG or ruby laser to fire pulses of laser light at the tattoo area. It works by breaking up the pigments in the ink, which the body then flushes out of the system. However, there are drawbacks. Usually, the patient will require several treatments. There’s the possibility of scarring. The treatments are painful, and expensive- from a few to several hundred dollars per session. Laser treatment may not work on some tattoos.


This is similar to laser treatment, but uses a non-laser light. It is reported to not be as painful as a laser, but unfortunately it’s much more costly.


An older method that’s seldom used anymore, except in extreme circumstances. In dermabrasion, the skin around the tattoo is frozen to reduce discomfort, and the skin is actually ‘sanded’ away with a special instrument. Because tattoo ink is under several layers of skin, this is often a fairly painful procedure.


This is surgical tattoo removal. The tattoo is literally cut out. However, there is a strong chance of scarring with this method, even if it is highly effective.


Many of the so-called tattoo removal creams on the market don’t do anything at all. Most are little more than marketing hype. Practically everyone who tried these products claim little or no fading or change in their tattoo.


One exception is the Rejuvi tattoo removal cream. There seems to be a good amount of success by those who’ve tried it. Rejuvi uses a ‘chemical extraction’ system that is supposed to soften the tattoo pigments, which are then carried to the skin’s surface and peeled away. It works with all colors and types of tattoos, and is less expensive than laser treatments. But it usually requires several sessions over a period of months, and may cause some redness, scarring, and discomfort.

While there are several options available to remove unwanted tattoos, between the cost of tattoo removal and the pain that is involved, perhaps this knowledge will encourage some to avoid getting that first tattoo at all.