Tattoo Removal Options

When I was young I decided to get a tatoo to add some spice to my average life. Within a year, I regretted in. Now what?

First of all, some advice on choosing the tattoo. Before going all crazy the first time you stamp yourself with a permanent design (unless you want to go through expensive and semi-painful removals), here are some things to think about.

1. Get something small. Don’t start big. If you love your tattoo a year later, then you can always add on to it or get another one.

2. Get it someone it isn’t readily noticeable.

3. Don’t get something with words. Names, quotes. No matter how much you think you’re going to love Sam ten years from now, you never know!

But what if it’s too late? The tattoo is plastered on and now there is no choice except to get it removed or live with it. What are the options? A tattoo that has been on longer may be harder to remove than a tattoo that has been received recently. A tattoo that is too deeply ingrained may be too difficult to remove. There are five types of tattoo removal options.

1. Salabrasion – The oldest method. A mixture of salt and water is rubbed into the skin with gauze put onto something hard, like a wooden block. The rubbing ensues until the tattoo is gone. Bleeding will occur, and it will hurt. A local anesthetic will be used, but there is a possibility of infectection. It may take a couple of sessions of salabrasion for it to work and results are not guaranteed.

2. Dermabrasion – It is very similar to salabrasion, except in this case the skin is scraped off using a tool instead of using salt and water. If it is does correctly, the skin will scab and once it falls off new skin will form. A local anesthetic is also used, but it can still be very painful. Generally the success rate is higher than with salabrasion, but not always 100%. There is a possibility of scaring with dermabrasion as well as infection.

3. Excision – During excision, the entire tattoo is removed surgically after a local anesthetic is given. The tattoo is cut out and the skin is stitched back together. There is not as much bleeding, and it is not as painful as getting it rubbed off. Usually it takes more than one session to remove entirely. It costs less than laser tattoo removal and therefore is a popular form of removal. Scarring is possible.

4. Laser Tattoo Removal- In this form of tattoo removal, light beams go over the tattoo to break down the pigment. It is the not very painful but is the most expensive form of tattoo removal, and can take many sessions until the whole tattoo is gone. Also, it is not always 100% successful and sometimes a scar can be left.

5. Rejuvi Tattoo Removal- Not many people know about this method, but it is not painful and can be done in one session. A cream is injected into the skin that has chemicals in it to break up the pigments of the tattoo. Oftentimes more sessions than one can be more successful. Some redness usually appears afterwards but it goes away.

What is the cost of tattoo removal? Anywhere from $200-$500 a session. Keep in mind that it can take more than one session for most of these procedures to work. Laser tattoo removal is more expensive than the older types such as salabrasion and dermabrasion.

Then again, you can always just live with your mistake.