Tattoos the Pain Factor

Tattoos and pain. Of course the two go hand in hand. A person is puncturing the skin of another person with not one but a few needles at one time…over and over and over. Surprisingly enough though, there are a few people out there that don’t feel pain when they get their tattoos. Many things factor into how painful a tattoo is going to be. Every tattoo artist will tell you the same thing, it all depends on the individual. Everybody has different thresholds for pain both physically and mentally. I will explain several different things that make the sensations different.

I will begin with depth. The depth of a tattoo will have a significant impact on how painful a tattoo is going to be. It is simple really; as the needle goes in deeper you feel it more. There are a couple of reasons that the artist would have to go deeper. One reason is that you have tough skin. For example the skin on your shoulder is tougher than the skin on the inside of you arm. Another reason the have to go deeper is if your skin does not hold ink well. Some people naturally reject ink. So do certain parts of the body. The color the artist is using also factors into the depth. A light or pastel color has to be injected deeper to get it to show up. A dark or vibrant color can be put in lightly because it will naturally show up.

Pain is also determined by the location of a tattoo. Some people feel more pain when the tattoo is in an area with fatty tissue. I am one of those people. Some people feel more pain when the tattoo is in an area that is near a bone. Generally speaking any area that is not naturally exposed is going to hurt more. However this is one of those cases that just depend on the individual receiving the ink.

I cannot speak of pain in tattooing without bringing up what is known as detail. When you get a tattoo that has a lot of detail in it (lines that are close to each other) it almost feels like the artist is tattooing over the same spot again and again. That can be excruciating to some people. The reason it is so painful is because when the tattooist make a line he basically shocks the nerves in the skin. With the nerves already irritated in that area it seems like more of a shock when he makes another line right next to the first one.

Finally the individuals skin determines the pain level involved with getting a tattoo. Some people have sensitive skin that will raise when it is irritated this causes the person to feel a greater amount of pain. These people have to be careful not to over exert their skin during the process. If it gets too swollen stop and finish at a later date.

Some of you might be asking why a person would want to go through pain like that. I believe it is different for all people. Some might just want to get a tattoo and don’t care if it hurts. Some people love the artwork and believe the pain is just a prelude to beauty. Some people get a kick from the natural high of the endorphins the body produces when in pain. For some people it is a custom. All the reasons for enduring the pain are different as is the pain itself.