Teenagers Hair

Your hair is EXTREMELY important, is it all about popularity and everything, you can be a dork with messy hair, or be popular with gorgeous hair.

So what is YOUR choice gonna be? …:…:…:…:…:…:…:…:…:…:…

Where do you start? Teenagers MUST have good hair, especially for girls. Your hair is what really completes you, without it, what would be interesting around your head, hair is what tells your personality. If you are one of those girls that doesn’t really care about your hair, then you can just lean back on your bed, have your head/hair hang down and throw it up in a high pony-tail. This way, your hair can be slick back, if you want some bangs hanging down then just hold on to them while you do it.

If you are look for a way to straighten your hair completely, then you should just get your hair-straightener, and get a smallish strand of hair and hot iron it slowly, keep doing this until you are on the other side of your hair with your hair straightener.

Some people want volume in the back of their hair, to do this, grab some of the top part in the back of your hair and put your straightener on that for about 15 seconds or more, then let go, and brush your other hair on top of it, look in the mirror and you will have some great volume.

If you want some thick hair try this, after you wash your hair bend over and let your hair hang upside down, blow try it like that, and then flip your hair back up, blow dry it more on the top and flip it over again and dry more under. When it is fully dry you should have thicker hair than usual.

Let’s talk about guys hair now, Most girls like guys with longer hair, no not hippie-long but just over the eyes for your bangs. A buzz cut may look good on some guys but longer hair is usually more attractive. One of the worst things you can do though is not brush your semi-long hair, that looks really unorganized and tacky. A good idea would be to get layers though, those are usually very hot on a guy, same usually goes for girls.

Side bangs for girls are cute but guys, please, NO SIDE BANGS, that is one of the worst things you could possibly ever do. Regular bangs are a lot cuter.

Thanks for Reading, follow these tips and you should look a lot more handsome or beautiful soon. Remember, your hair is a big social thing for teenagers and adults as well, always remember that people will be judging you. Being in Middle School or high school is just like a really huge popularity contest, even if you don’t think about it right now, you will soon find out if you haven’t. Hair can change a lot and can help your reputation very much. From now on, every morning when you wake up, and walk into your bathroom, and look into that mirror at your hair, think about what YOU will do with it today.