The Advantages of Mid Top Basketball Shoes

Manufacturers design basketball shoes to withstand the rigorous running, jumping and quick maneuvering players make. Players can select from three different basketball shoe cuts based on their preference: high tops, mid tops and low tops. High tops provide the most stability and completely cover the ankle. Low tops come below the ankle, offering the greatest mobility. Mid tops rise up just to the ankle level, offering some of the advantages held by each of the other basketball shoe types.


Because the cut of mid top basketball shoes is lower than high top basketball shoes, the player’s ankles are less restricted. Greater ankle mobility can benefit players who make fast direction changes and jump for rebounds.


Because mid top basketball shoes provide some ankle coverage, they offer a greater degree of ankle protection and support than low top shoes. However, they do not give the maximum amount of ankle protection that high top shoes provide.


Players wearing mid top basketball shoes find it easier to run up and down the court because the ankles are less restricted. A player may find that low top shoes are even easier to run with because they are lighter and cut below the ankle.

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