The best Baby Diaper Rash Creams

Boudreaux’s butt paste is the best diaper rash cream I have ever used! I found it quite by accident and bought it because it was the only one I hadn’t yet tried for my son’s diaper rash. I was done with the painful diaper changes. The rash wasn’t getting any better. I must admit that the name also caught my attention. I can honestly say that I saw marked improvement the very next day. The rash was all but gone by the end of the week. I have used nothing else on a child’s bottom since I “discovered” it. It is included in every baby gift I give.

The doctor wasn’t much help back then because me son’s skin seemed to react negatively to most things. So he prescribed a cream that made the diaper changes easier, but did nothing for the rash so after a couple of weeks of him screaming and me crying, I wandered into the nearest Walgreen’s and stood reading boxes.

Honestly my first choice had always been A & D ointment. It was what I’d used with my first child, but that was more than twenty years ago. I’d also tried balmex, but didn’t like the smell or the way it went onto the bottom. I also didn’t like had it felt on my hands, since I am not one to don gloves at a diaper change.
This leads me to Desitin. It was at one time my wonder cream. It had always cleared up the rash on my daughters, but for whatever the reason it was no match for the rash that had manifested itself on my son’s precious little bottom. It took too much wiping to get it off of him and the screaming from trying to wash it off steered me from wanting to ever use it again. The rash was one that was raw and open, making the cream seem to stick to the skin around the rawness, which made it more difficult to get off.

I’ve also tried Aquaphor. It is marketed as a healing cream. My daughter used it on her daughter, who was a preemie. It was what the doctor recommended for her delicate skin to prevent diaper rash after we bought her home. It worked really well. So much so that my daughter began to use it on her own skin. It soothed the irritation from using sanitary napkins.

All in all, as a mom and now a Nana, I’d recommend Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to every one.