The Best Exercises for Your Butt

When it comes to toning and tightening your butt, you only need a few tried-and-true exercises to effectively target the area and see results. While television infomercials are constantly bombarding you with the latest gadgets and gizmos for a toned bottom, the best exercises for your butt are the ones that you can complete with no more than a few weights and your own perseverance and hard work. A circuit routine with the best exercises for your butt done on a daily basis should whip your rear into shape.


Often seen as the gold standard for butt exercises, the lunge should always be included on a butt exercise workout circuit. The University of South Carolina notes that lunges engage the gluteal muscles found in your butt, making it an ideal exercise to strengthen and tone the muscle group. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, and then step forward with your left leg, dropping your right knee as close to the floor as possible. Hold for three seconds and then come back to the start. Complete 15 repetitions on each side.


Step benches are popular at fitness clubs, but you can use your regular stairs to tone your butt by using them for step-ups, notes fitness website Standing in front of your step, place your left leg in the middle of the step and use it to elevate yourself, without putting your other foot down to steady you. Hold for three seconds by steadying your balance and pulling in your abs for strength and stabilization. and come back to start. Complete 15 repetitions on each side to complete a set.

Good Morning

Using a regular weight bar you can add some extra resistance for more toned glutes. Especially effective for more advanced exercisers, this exercise can be strengthened in intensity or scaled back for a beginner. Place the exercise bar across your shoulders, supporting it with your hands on either side. With the bar on your back, sit back as if you were sitting on a chair. Count down for three and come back up to start in a count of three to complete one repetition.

Floor Kick

Floor kicks are an easy way to tone your butt, and they are so easy that even a beginner can do them. Get on all fours on the floor; an exercise mat can help ease any pain you feel in your knees. Supporting yourself on your hand, kick your left leg back so that the bottom of your foot is facing the ceiling. Thrust your foot as you kick and concentrate on feeling the tightening session in your glutes. Complete as many as you can before fatiguing.


Take a note from long, lean ballet dancers and plie your way to a tighter, more toned butt, suggests “Fitness” magazine. Stand next to a barre or a chair to help support your balance. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and turn your feet out so that they are facing opposite directions. Dip down, as far as you can go, supporting yourself on the barre or chair. Count to three as you lower yourself down, and count to three as you come back to start complete 15 repetitions.

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