The best Haircuts for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a common problem experienced by many people. There are many causes that make hair thin. Age, diet and general health can all affect hair volume as hair requires the right balance of vitamins and minerals to remain thick and healthy. Birth control pills and diet pills as well as iron deficiency and excess vitamin A are common contributing factors to thinning hair.

People with thinning hair need to take a bit of time to decide on a suitable haircut. The best haircut for thinning hair will vary depending on hair length, face shape and hair texture. The ideal haircut will add the appearance of volume and body as well as look good and require little management.

Haircuts for short thinning hair

Short thin hair looks great in layers or a Bob. The layers give the appearance of more volume and help disguise the thinning areas. Layers are suitable for people with most face shapes and combining a Bob with the layered look will create a great overall style.

The pixie haircut makes great use of layers to achieve a fresh look. It is great for people with an oval shaped face that accentuates subtle features. The crop is another favorite style for short hair that adds volume and is especially good if thinning occurs on the sides rather than elsewhere. Again, this involves layering and a good stylist to deliver the right look for your face shape.

Haircuts for medium length thinning hair

Heavy layers at the back to create consistency with tousled edges on the front and side that help accentuate texture. The bangs need a razor cut and styled to the side to blend in with the rest of the hair. This cut is suitable for sparse to medium thinning hair of fine or medium texture.

Haircuts for long thinning hair

Shorter hair of similar length generally gives the appearance of most volume. Many stylists advise a shorter haircut for thinning hair, but jagged cut layers can help to give some volume. The alternative is to have the ends layered slightly to add a bit of body.

If hair is long, curly and thinning, it is best to go with loads of bangs. You can clip the bangs in place to form a right or left parting or kept straight to form a full fringe. Both the back and side will need layers to add body and shape to cover the thinning areas.

Haircuts for men

The best haircut for men with thinning hair is normally the buzzcut. This is a close shave or almost bald look. The short hairstyle helps disguise thinning hair and often makes a man appear younger. It is widely accepted and suitable for all occasions and requires little upkeep. A regular shave is all it takes. The buzzcut is not exclusive to men, but only the bravest women take this measure.

Overall, there is plenty of variety when it comes to haircuts for thinning hair. Each haircut can have highlights, lowlights or coloring added to achieve the desired look and style. Remember, a balanced diet and good hair care will help reduce thinning hair to some extent. It will not prevent it completely, but will slow it down and give you more time to experiment with different haircuts to find the perfect one.