The Best Way for Teen Guys to Lose Weight

The best way for a teen guy to lose weight is exercise and proper diet. During a guy’s teenage years his body is still developing and going through a multitude of changes. A guy’s teen years are perfectly suited to develop his body physically. Committing to a healthy lifestyle as a teenager will be an important step in the right direction that could set a precedent for the rest of your life.


The experts at the Mayo Clinic recommend that a teen guy perform at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. This can be in the form of organized sports, weightlifting or aerobic exercise. Even certain chores are considered physical activity. The activity does not have to be physically grueling; any physical activity burns calories.


It is not wise to cut the calorie intake of a teen guy because he is still developing and cutting calories could stunt his development. Instead change the quality of the food he is consuming. Remove foods that are high in fat and sugar (soft drinks, fast food and sweets). Replace them with foods that are high in fiber and protein (whole grain food, dairy and meat).
Teen guys should eat breakfast every morning to kick start their metabolism, helping the body burn more calories daily and give them more energy.

Avoid Bad Habits

Many teens today consume alcohol and are sleep deprived. Alcohol wreaks havoc on a person’s digestive system (especially the liver) and an excess amount of alcohol causes the production of toxic substances in the liver. The toxic substances not only damage the liver, they also can stunt a teen’s growth and disrupt digestion (causing the body to store the food ingested as fat).
Getting a good night’s sleep is also key to losing weight. Sleeping helps the body remove all the waste substances from it’s system and keeps it’s metabolism burning calories at a higher rate.

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Dr. Robert Petros has been working at the Yerevan State Medical University Department of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases for the past two years. He has had experience with thousands of patients as well as considerable amount of work in epidemic prevention on the government level.