The Best Workout Videos to Lose Weight

The best exercise for weight loss emphasizes both aerobics and weight training or muscle toning. Varying the intensity of your workouts and choosing a mode that allows for high-intensity intervals interspersed with moderate-intensity intervals increases caloric expenditure, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Top fitness publications, such as “Shape” magazine, have rated the workout videos described here among their top picks for weight loss.

Weight Loss Cardio Kick with Violet Zaki

The fitness editor of “Shape” magazine chose this video as DVD of the month for October 2009; the editors of “Fitness” magazine awarded it “Best Bootcamp Video” in February 2010. Don’t be intimidated by the higher-impact aerobics: You won’t be performing any fancy footwork. The first section of the workout blends aerobic/toning intervals, classic kickboxing and dumbbell weight-training moves. Interval training helps you sculpt your body while you elevate your heart rate. You’ll keep your heart-rate elevated during the second, pure cardio section for maximum fat-burning. As you progress through the workout, the routines become faster paced and more challenging. Examples of aerobic moves in this segment include include kicks, punches and jumping jacks. Violet provides excellent cuing, so you will be prepared for upcoming moves.

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

“Cookie” magazine rates “Banish Fat Boost Metabolism” as a top pick for weight loss. Jillian Michaels, celebrity trainer of “The Biggest Loser” reality television series, leads this challenging workout. It features basic choreography for intermediate to advanced exercisers. The 55-minute routine includes a full 44 minutes of challenging aerobic/toning intervals. The athletic, rather than dance-based, cardio segments will have you kickboxing and performing jumping jacks. The core-focused, body-sculpting components include standing and floor moves. The workout alternates upper- and lower-body exercise to keep your heart rate elevated. You’ll go though each circuit twice, upping the intensity in the second circuit.

Tae Bo Amped

Recommended by the editors of “Fitness” magazine for maximum calorie-burning, “Tae Bo Amped” works for intermediate or advanced Tae Bo exercisers. It includes five high-energy Tae Bo workouts amped up with a 3-lb., 24- to 30-inch collapsible weighted bar. The bar never restricts your freedom of movement while you use it for kickboxing moves. At 24 inches, it boosts the workout’s intensity by increasing control. At 30 inches it works like a barbell, the ideal length for increasing the intensity of lateral raises and side leg lifts. All five workouts use the bar but vary in intensity, complexity and length. “Jump Start” is the most basic, while “Fat Burn Accelerator” features interval training with alternating aerobic and muscle-toning segments. Each workout focuses on a different muscle area; the set offers variety.

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