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Even if you don’t have the time and money to go to the gym regularly, your workout needn’t be limited to jogging around the block five times a day. More and more fitness gurus–specializing in all types of exercise–are creating modern and fun workout videos. So whether you’re an experienced yoga enthusiast or interested in Latin dancing, you should be able to find at least one workout video that you enjoy. Consider checking out some of the most popular titles.

Tae Bo Amped

Billy Blanks, martial arts champion and Tae Bo creator, incorporates aerobic exercise and kickboxing in this five-disc set. Since the “Tae Bo Amped” set includes more than 300 minutes of high-energy exercise, it gives viewers a chance to diversify their workout routine. The DVD set comes with an optional three-pound “amplifier bar,” which is said to help boost the intensity of the exercise. Tae Bo is intended for those who are at least moderately experienced exercisers, but each disc in the set comes with 14 minutes of tutorial for those new to Tae Bo.

Yoga Zone–Premiere Collection

This “Yoga Zone” series is a four-disc, 220–minute set that offers instruction by experienced yoga teacher Alan Finger. Although yoga may seem difficult to learn via video, this “Yoga Zone–Premiere Collection” goes into great detail about all poses and offers both “experienced” and “modified” versions of them so that budding yogis may still use the DVD set as they gain more experience.

Ellen Barrett’s Barefoot Cardio

This workout video, taught by exercise expert Ellen Barrett, incorporates breath work with dance moves and core exercises. All the while, it involves being barefoot in order to encourage exercisers to focus on carrying their own weight in a balanced fashion. The 47-minute DVD is suitable for intermediate exercisers. However, since its cardiovascular activity may not be vigorous enough for some, a higher energy exercise DVD set such as Tae Bo would complement it.


Billy Blanks Jr., son of martial arts champion Billy Blanks, encourages exercisers to have a lot of fun as he combines breathing exercises, dance, sculpting moves, and singing in a 67-minute whole-body workout. Novice exercisers will be encouraged to see a diverse group of people, including an older woman with a knee replacement, dancing in the background of the video. Blanks also offers modified versions of his exercises for those who are unable to jump directly into the action.

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