Things to Do in Atlantic City for Kids


Atlantic City is historically the Las Vegas of the Northeast, giving the area a reputation for excess, unhealthy lifestyles and gambling; however, Atlantic City also offers a wide array of opportunities for families to get away and have a great time together in a healthy and relatively inexpensive way. Though Atlantic City is overwhelmingly geared toward adults, kids can have a fun time as well.

The Boardwalk

The Atlantic City boardwalk is several miles long and geared toward families. The little stores offer everything from small toys to Atlantic City memorabilia. The kids will probably have most fun at the local arcades that draw in the kids from any number of families, resulting in an ongoing, harmless and fun party for the young ones. More generally, the benches on the boardwalk are a great place to sit with the kids, take in the breeze and enjoy a family moment.

The Beach

The beach is far longer than the boardwalk, by a few miles, and is another location that draws kids and their families. Children will likely enjoy playing in the sand and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean; however, parent supervision is advised, given the occasionally rough tides. Bring some kites to the beach and watch as the sea breeze lifts them high into the sky. If interested, also consider contacting some of the local boat owners for a ride onto the ocean.

The Pier

Atlantic City’s pier has a couple of roller coasters that the kids may enjoy. Frequently, different carnivals visit the area, supplying the kids who visit the pier with a number of fun places to visit like a small fun house. The pier also has bumper cars, video games and kiosk games. The pier is located across from the Taj Mahal Hotel.

Shows and Stars

The major hotels in the area also frequently have shows that the kids might enjoy like comedians, singers and plays. The kids might also enjoy looking out for any of the famous people that frequent the area, such as members of the major sports teams in the area like the New York Jets, New York Giants and New Jersey Nets.

Special Places

Kids will likely especially enjoy the Atlantic City Aquarium, Atlantic City Historical Museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum, and the miniature golf game, each of which is within walking distance from any major hotel located in the boardwalk area.

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