Tigi Brunette

My Tigi shampoo is the 400ml size and comes in a tall bottle with a pump head. The bottle has a brown colour to it to match the idea of the brunette shampoo. In the past I have used Tigi shampoos and conditioners and whilst I had the larger bottles than this one, they lasted me ages and the pump worked rather well, so I knew to expect something similar from this one. The shampoo has a nutrient rich formula to give ultimate shine and smoothness and natural sunflower extracts to protect against colour fading and harmful UV rays. My natural hair is brunette however it lacks depth and shine, and I often dye my hair a nicer shade of brown, or use these sort of shampoo’s to give it that little extra boost. I’ve been using this shampoo which just my natural brunette colour to see just what effects it can have on my hair.

The first thing I noticed about this shampoo was the smell. The Tigi range must all have nice, strong smells as the shampoo I used by Tigi previously smelt of strawberries and it was a lovely scent, and it came packaged in a pink bottle to match that pink, fruity strawberry feeling. This particular shampoo comes in a brown bottle aimed at brunette hair… so what kind of scent did they come up with? Well it’s actually a sweet, vanilla with a hint of caramel scent and at first I thought, great this smells wonderful, however over time I have gotten completely sick of the scent. When I use shampoo now I find the scent far too sickly sweet for me and I usually don’t find things too sickly sweet at all. You can also smell the fragrance in your hair after washing so I do get occasional whiffs of it and in my opinion; it’s just far too strong. I know from reading other people’s reviews that others find the smell wonderful, but I just grew sick of it rather quickly. Luckily I don’t have the matching conditioner otherwise my hair would stink of it even more!

The shampoo itself is a golden colour and it’s quite thick and lathers up the hair in a soft and silky sort of lather, very promising. I was slightly worried the first time I used it as I have very oily roots which means I need to wash my hair everyday so I was worried it would be far too moisturising and thick, but once my hair is dry it’s perfectly fine and doesn’t cause my hair to get any oilier. It does have a wonderful affect on hair and I can instantly tell the difference in the feeling of my hair as it feels soft and wonderfully smooth when I use this shampoo, and I didn’t expect any less from a Tigi shampoo. I love straightening my hair afterwards, as my hair feels so soft and smooth the straighteners seem to glide through my hair.

Now, I have been using this shampoo for the past few months now, and in fact I only have a small amount left but it’s lasted me ages. In that time I have noticed a nicer difference to the brunette shade of my hair. My hair has a nice shine to it and I can tell the difference in colour however , I should point out that when I use Brilliant Brunette from the John Frieda hair range I get comments from people asking if I’ve recently coloured my hair, but when using this Tigi shampoo I haven’t had a single comment! It might be that it doesn’t enhance colour as much as the Brilliant Brunette range, or of course people might have just not bothered to comment on my hair, but I thought that it was something I should point out. This brings me onto the price.

The 400ml bottle of this, which I own, costs £8.15 on www.lookfantastic.com and whilst arguable this is quite a bit for a shampoo I must stress that a bottle of this lasts me several months. I believe the thickness of the shampoo means you don’t need to use as much and I’ve used other shampoos by Tigi before and they also last me a long time. A bottle of Brilliant Brunette shampoo by John Frieda costs £4.89 for just 250ml and I find I go through that shampoo rather quickly, but I’m still unsure of which shampoo I prefer! I believe I do get similar results from the John Frieda shampoo, although not as smooth and soft as the results I get from the Tigi shampoo. My mind is not made up on which I prefer, but I can honestly say that this Tigi shampoo is a great shampoo, especially if you don’t mean the overpowering sickly sweet smell!