Tips for Adding Shine to your Hair

The key to making your hair shine is through caring for the outside of the hair shaft and nourishing it through the inside. Throwing away all those bottles of expensive, store-bought chemicals that are too harsh and dry out your hair is the first step in getting shiny, healthy hair. The rest is very easy to do.

First, let’s begin by caring for the outside of the hair shaft. You will want to know whether your hair is naturally dry or naturally oily. Then, examine the texture. Naturally dry hair is perhaps harder to care for than naturally oily hair. If you try to “cure” naturally dry hair by putting on lots of conditioner, you’ll end up with chemically oily hair, which has a greasy shine to it that you really wouldn’t want. If you don’t use conditioner, you find that your hair is quite dull and still dry. Naturally oily hair, however, can be treated by using gentle homemade shampoos and conditioners, but some of the natural oil will still remain on the hair, therefore allowing it to shine. Once you figure out what your hair type is, then you’re ready for the next step.

To care for this type of hair on the outside, you’ll first need to formulate some new shampoos and conditioners – chemical-free because you’ll be using natural ingredients! The basic homemade shampoo has a baking soda base: Mix enough water with a cup of baking soda to make a soft, almost-runny paste. Apply to the hair and massage through the scalp vigorously when hair is wet. Rinse thoroughly. I call this the “ultimate cleanser” because it truly leaves hair squeaky clean. You can use other gentle shampoos made from milk and honey, apple cider vinegar, cheap beer and water, or even old champagne.

For conditioner, try mayonnaise (with or without eggs), oil treatments (such as jojoba, virgin coconut oil, castor oil, etc.), avocado, or jojoba oil and beer. These will keep the moisture in by locking it with a thin layer of natural oil, thus making it shine. Wash thoroughly however, and dry the hair with a patting motion.

Use the same shampoos as above, but I recommend the baking soda shampoo because it gets rid of excess residue on the scalp as well as excess oil on the hair shaft. Naturally oily hair will appear even more oily earlier (compared to naturally dry hair) because the natural oils will be attracted to dust and dirt in the air. The baking soda will clean up all this mess and make the hair shiny and clean once again.

To restore moisture, use one of the conditioners above. The mayonnaise works best with egg yolks because this has the most protein. However, the oil treatment might be too strong for those with naturally oily hair, but will work fine if the oils are washed out thoroughly. Again, dry the hair with a patting motion and not too vigorously, because the hair is more vulnerable to falling out when it is wet.

The best, “free” remedy for making hair shiny is drinking plenty of water. Always try to aim for the recommended eight or nine glasses per day. When the body is dehydrated, so are the skin and the hair. You won’t notice that you’re dehydrated until you see that your skin is dry, but actually, even when you’re not thirsty, you may be dehydrated.

Then, add plenty of protein to your diet. The hair is made up with all sorts of proteins, so it’s no wonder why having a lot of protein in your diet is good for the hair. Eating nuts is a great way to get shinier and healthier hair.

If you are inclined, try taking a multivitamin everyday. You can also take biotin vitamins, but the B-complex supplement is probably the best because it not only has many B-vitamins but it also has biotin. However, tell your doctor your diet changes, if any.

Remember, taking care of your hair should be your number one goal. When you care for your hair from the inside and the outside, you will see that your hair will be shiny and healthy in no time.