Tips for Making your Feet look Pretty

Most of us take our feet for granted and don’t really notice them until we get dressed up and slip those beautiful shoes on. Suddenly we cast a critical eye over our “plates of meat” and realize that we are in desperate need of a foot beauty boost.

Instead of disliking your feet and feeling that they always let you down when you want to look your best, here are a couple of simple tips to enable them look much prettier and presentable:

Pedicures are becoming much more popular now but if you do not have the time or money to waste visiting a salon, you can easily get the same results at home and you will feel the added benefits of stress relieving treatments.

Begin your foot care by trimming the nails. It is important to cut them straight across rather than shaping them into the curve. Cutting them incorrectly can lead to ingrown toenails which can sometimes lead to an extremely painful condition requiring surgery at a later date.

Gently get rid of any rough edges by using a nail file.

Next soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes. You can use a foot spa and add Epsom salts or essential oils if you really want to pamper yourself. Milk added to the water can help to soften the skin. Or what about adding those essential oils to a nice hot bath? Your feet will feel the benefit and you can enjoy a luxurious stress free soak at the same time.

When you take your feet out of the water make sure that you dry them thoroughly. Drying carefully between the toes will help reduce athletes foot and you can get rid of any rough skin with a pumice stone.

Finally moisturize using a good quality foot cream such as Scholl Deep Moisurizing Cream, The Barielle Total Foot Care Cream and Get Fresh Lemongrass Rescue Me Foot Creme, to name but a few. Repeat this process once a week and you will find that this very easy routine produces lovely soft and very pretty feet.

If you notice that your nails have become very dry and brittle and look an abnormal color, then you may have a fungal infection. It is important that you treat this nasty infection promptly because the condition can spread to the other nails on the foot. An effective treatment is Curanail but if you have any doubts you may prefer to visit a specialist for some advice.

If you notice that the skin on your feet is still a little dry and hard, then you can treat them by putting an ample amount of cocoa butter on them before you go to bed. If you put on a pair of cotton socks and sleep in them too, you will find that in the morning your feet should have softened a considerable amount.

Finish off by removing any old nail varnish that may still be remaining and apply a clear base coat so to avoid chipping of the main color. Once the base coat has dried you can apply two coats of your favorite nail varnish and hey presto you are now ready to slip one of your best assets into those lovely shoes!